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[Unsada 030] The Current State of International Exchange and Its Outlook for 2025

[Unsada 030] The Current State of International Exchange and Its Outlook for 2025

December 2, 2016 APUJ 70th Anniversary International Symposium @Arcadia Ichigaya Hotel-Tokyo

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  4. Contents • Indonesian Universities in Number • Darma Persada University

    • The Current State of International Exchange with other University from Japan • Outlook toward 2025 dadang-solihin.blogspot.co.id 4
  5. Source: The Global Innovation Index 2016 Report https://www.globalinnovationindex.org/gii-2016-report# on 24

    November 2016 For the innovation index, Indonesia is targeted to be at number 26 in the world ranking system in 2019. This year, Indonesia is at number 88. 5
  6. Indonesian Universities in Number • Currently Indonesia has 4.497 universities:

    – 4.097 private universities – 400 state universities. • Numbers of students: 4.341.743: – 2.739.174 students in private universities – 1.602.569 students in state universities. dadang-solihin.blogspot.co.id 6
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  8. A Gratitude or Appreciation • Darma Persada University is a

    private university that was established in 1986 by Persada (Persatuan Alumni dari Jepang) or as known as Association of Former Student in Japan. • The university was established as a gratitude or appreciation from the students toward both Japan and Indonesia Government. • As a private University, Darma Persada based on spirit to bring knowledge and experience in Japan and contribute it to Indonesia. dadang-solihin.blogspot.co.id 8
  9. Number of Active Students • Now, Darma Persada University is

    formed by a strong line up of 4 Faculties and 15 departments: – Department of Literature, – Department of Engineering, – Department of Marine Technology, – Department of Economy, and – Graduate program of Renewable Energy. • Up until now, November 2016 Darma Persada have approximately 4.128 students. • The unique point of Darma Persada is “Monozukuri Education” and “Japanese Language” which are assigned to all students. dadang-solihin.blogspot.co.id 9
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  12. 30th Birthday of Unsada • On July 28, 2016 Darma

    Persada was celebrating his 30th birthday. • Japan Indonesia Association which always supports Darma Persada before the commemorative ceremony established “Friends of Darma Persada”. • “Friends of Darma Persada” is a supporting department for Darma Persada. • Former Prime Minister of Japan, Mr. Yasuo Fukuda attended the ceremony as well. dadang-solihin.blogspot.co.id 12
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  14. Fostering a Good Relation • Up until now Darma Persada

    has been fostering a good relation with universities from Japan. • From Takushoku University, Osaka Economy University, Kansai International University, Hiroshima University, Saga University, Fukuoka Women University, Teikyo University, Jigyou Souzou University, Production Technology University, Osaka Prefectural University, Osaka Prefectural College University, and last but not least Yamanashi University. • Darma Persada had started an agreement between these universities such as student exchange and short term training program. dadang-solihin.blogspot.co.id 14
  15. Cooperation with Japanese Universities dadang-solihin.blogspot.co.id 15 • Current Cooperation 1.

    Takushoku UniversityStudent Exchange, Speech Contest, Intensive Course 2. Hiroshima UniversityStudy in Doctoral Course, Speech Contest 3. Kansai University of International StudiesStudent Exchange 4. Advanced Institute of Industrial TechnologyAsia Professional Education Network 5. Osaka Prefercture University 6. OPU College of TechnologyStudent Exchange 7. Osaka University of Economics 8. Osaka International University 9. Saga UniversityResearch Collaboration 10.Fukuoka Women’s UniversityResearch Collaboration 11.Teikyo University 12.Yamanashi Gakuin University • Future Expectation – Waseda University – Universities in Fukuoka Prefecture
  16. Really Meaningful Cooperation • For Darma Persada, having a cooperation

    with other universities from Japan is really meaningful. First, when scholarship from government is limited, cooperation between universities is really needed. Now, students can have a really good opportunity to study abroad such as short term training program based on the agreement between universities. • Furthermore, for students or lecturers who want to continue their study to master and doctoral degree have good opportunity because of this cooperation. After they finished their program they can teach and make an improvement in Darma Persada. • Moreover, through this cooperation, internship program in Japan corporation chance is broadly opened. dadang-solihin.blogspot.co.id 16
  17. The Monozukuri Spirit • Students are able to know more

    about “Monozukuri Spirit” which is not taught in any university and only taught in Japan corporation. • Students are not only able to learn terms used in Japan companies, but also experience more about the spirit itself. • Moreover, they can understand more about Japan culture and condition. Additionally, the students are able to contribute in order to deepen the understanding between two countries. • From now on, we can support and contribute to any Japan companies, which want to expand their business to Indonesia through our students. dadang-solihin.blogspot.co.id 17
  18. Human Resource Development dadang-solihin.blogspot.co.id 18 UNSADA foster human resources with

    those specialties of “Monozukuri Spirit” and become the only one educational institute which grow and develop together with Indonesia.
  19. Deepening the Cross Cultural Exchange • Furthermore, The Ministry of

    Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan or as known as MEXT, have a lot of budget for training program. • Such as student exchange, and other culture exchange between Indonesia and Japan. Also there are training program with local residents and companies. • All of this cooperation is really important and essential for deepening the cross-cultural exchange. • To continue this opportunity, mutual understanding is needed. Indonesia wants to accomplish this vision by taking more action such as exchange students from Japan. dadang-solihin.blogspot.co.id 19
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  21. Need More Attractive and Better Program • As the explanation

    above, Darma Persada had started building a good relation with universities and companies from Japan. Such as student exchange; standard students who study in Japan and students from Japan to Indonesia for training, and other mutual program. • In the near future we need more attractive and better program between universities in Japan and Indonesia. dadang-solihin.blogspot.co.id 21
  22. Need Excellent Human Resources • As of 31st December 2015,

    AEC (ASEAN Economic Cooperation) was established, and it will further enhance the development of social system among ASEAN countries. • In the future, excellent human resources will be recruited and trained regardless whether they are from Indonesia or from other ASEAN countries. • There will be more mobility among ASEAN and Japanese students, and there will be less and less gap regarding the nationality of the students. • Education for human resources with both high global communication skill and specialist knowledge which are applicable globally will be highly appreciated. And we should adapt to these global trend. dadang-solihin.blogspot.co.id 22
  23. Broaden a Global View • Education in universities in Indonesia

    is gradually getting better, and all university sends their students abroad and taking international students to their university. • Therefore, in the future, Darma Persada University will endeavor for further exchange program with other universities. • We will strive to become a unique university with high quality, organized and continuation good university, credit transfer system, academic records, double degree, joint degree, etc. • Through this program, students can have not only academic degree, but also broaden a global view, not limited in their own local view. • We want to work for this effort for Government of Indonesia and other institution, such as companies. dadang-solihin.blogspot.co.id 23
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