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FLUX based clean architecure

FLUX based clean architecure


Luca "Unsigned" Bruzzone

April 07, 2016


  1. FLUX based clean architecture Luca Bruzzone @unsign3d Android developer @

    Tandù Notes: Why u no just MVP/MVC? No real rules on events No real rules on business rules Limited modularity for use cases Notes:
  2. Notes: WHY FLUX Strict rules on events Models has their

    own states Better support for use cases Single flow of data Notes:
  3. Notes: WHY FLUX Events are detached from data Events are

    empty classes Data are detached from views Dispatcher just work It's nothing new, is just pub/sub agent messaging Notes:
  4. Notes: USE CASES, NOT LAYERS Write modules that do one

    thing and do it well Modules are indipendents from each others Notes:
  5. Notes: unsign3d/cleancodeapp data_layer module handles retriving of data res divided

    by use cases modules for use cases Notes:
  6. unsign3d/cleancodeapp Each app module contains Activities Adapters and ViewHolders Controllers

    Stores Notes: Notes:
  7. Bonus tips Use RxJava and RxAndroid Don't use setters on

    models Use resource separation Unit test everything Avoid AsyncTasks Avoid singletons, register obj on Application class Notes: Thanks Tandù lgvalle/android-flux-todo-app Notes: