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How I run (as) a software team in a hardware-oriented startup.

Tzu-ping Chung

November 21, 2013

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  1. How I Get Things
    Done on Windows

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  2. I lied again

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  3. ౳׵㟬ߨత࣌ީզ

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  4. զ૝໵ੋ

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  5. How I Do Software in a
    Hardware Company

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  6. Me
    • RTFM

    • http://uranusjr.logdown.com/pages/about

    • Follow @uranusjr

    • Because simple is better than complex

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  7. My (Paid) Job
    • Environment monitoring and control

    • Agricultural applications

    • Kind of like industrial control

    • Embedded Systems and microprocessors

    • ATOM CPUs, anyone?

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  11. Source Control

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  12. Source Wut?

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  13. The One Man Team
    • All my codes are on source control

    • All my deployments depend on the CI server

    • Even if it’s just my desktop

    • All my issues go through the issue tracker

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  14. I Like BitBucket
    • Better issue tracker (IMO)

    • Free private repositories

    • Don’t need to convince my boss

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  15. BitBucket’s free plan
    only allows 5

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  16. We don’t have 5 developers

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  17. Python FTW

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  18. Why?
    • They were already considering

    • I don’t know why

    • C is tedious

    • And they don’t know much more

    • Batteries included

    • Or can be easily obtained

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  22. Testing

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  24. Mockup

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  25. PLC
    AC control!

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  26. ᡒىိब኷ຑ൥ɼ㟬䔟ಘఆ䆩

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  27. Still Lots to Do
    • Automated deployment

    • Some preliminary tools already

    • With fabric and git submodule

    • Automated verification (needs manual input now)

    • Teach people PEP8 and coding conventions

    • Problem: I suck

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  28. I like my job.

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  29. Please
    send me

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