#NationalBrand: How the University of Oregon Athletic Department Uses Social Media

#NationalBrand: How the University of Oregon Athletic Department Uses Social Media

Craig Pintens, Senior Associate AD/Marketing and Public Relations, University of Oregon

Pintens is in his second year at Oregon and serves as the Senior Associate Athletic Director/Marketing & Public Relations for the Oregon Ducks.

In his role he oversees the marketing and communications departments, serves as department spokesperson, manages the IMG College relationship (corporate sponsorship) and serves as the liaison with the Pac-12 network.

Prior to Oregon, Pintens worked at LSU and as the Assistant Athletic Director of Marketing. At LSU, Pintens was responsible for oversight of all marketing efforts highlighted by implementation of strategic ticket sales plans, leading to record ticket sales and attendance numbers. His role in developing a social media strategy led to one of the largest social media imprints in college athletics.

Pintens received his Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing cum laude from the University of Wisconsin at Whitewater and his Juris Doctor degree from the Marquette University School of Law. Pintens is a member of the Wisconsin State Bar and serves as the 1st Vice-President of NACMA.


UW Oshkosh

June 27, 2013


  1. 2.

    THE  Na4onal  Brand   •  Top  10-­‐15  department   • 

    Quest  for  becoming  “THE  na4onal  brand”   •  Accelerated  growth  
  2. 3.

    Quest  to  Become  the  Na4onal  Brand   •  Michigan  was

     the  na4onal  brand   •  Florida  State  had  a  chance   •  We  are  right  there   – #2  on  Team  FanShop   – 81.3%  sold  outside  Oregon   – One  of  only  2  schools  in  top  ten  on   Facebook,  twiYer  &  YouTube   – #1  on  EA  Sports  College  Football  
  3. 4.

    Communica4ons   •  Branding   – Who  are  we?   – How

     do  we  accomplish  our  goals?   •  Telling  stories   •  Customer  Service    
  4. 5.

    Campus   •  Front  Porch  Cliché   – 87%  of  ar4cles

     in  NYT   •  Curb  Appeal   •  Speed  Limit  is  75  &  exceeded    
  5. 6.

    Social  Media  Philosophy   •  Engagement   •  Fan-­‐Centric  

    •  Unique  Content   •  Influence  >  Growth   •  Where  we  Break  It  
  6. 7.

    How  Do  You  Staff?   •  30-­‐40  social  media  accounts

      •  No  addi4onal  posi4ons   •  Integra4on  of  students  
  7. 8.

    • Idea  started  on  a  Webinar  in  November  2011   • Research

     &  Scale   Pay  A/en$on  in  Class   QuackCave   8
  8. 10.

    Staffing   QuackCave   10 We’ve  been  watching  you.  

     Well,  not  in  a  stalker  sort  of  way,  but  we’ve  no4ced  you’re  preYy  good  at  this  whole   twiYer  thing  here  on  campus.    In  short,  you  get  it.       We  want  to  invite  you  to  be  part  of  an  elite  squad  of  super  social  media  ninjas,  showcasing  your  skills  for  the   Oregon  Athle4c  Department.    Despite  your  superior  social  media  skills,  we  need  you  to  keep  this  confiden4al.    We   will  be  launching  a  mission  control  for  social  media  in  the  next  couple  weeks  that  will  be  complete  with  eight   monitors,  mul4ple  Ipads  and  computers  and  staffed  en4rely  with  social  media  savants  like  yourself.         We  want  people  who  understand  social  media  isn’t  about  mone4za4on,  it  isn’t  about  how  many  followers  we   have,  but  it’s  about  the  connec4on  with  our  fans  and  crea4ng  unique  content.           Are  you  up  to  the  challenge?    It  is  an  unpaid  posi4on,  but  the  chance  to  get  in  on  the  ground  floor  in  a  special   project  we  think  will  take  college  athle4cs  by  storm.    If  you  are  interested,  send  me  a  response  back  as  we’d  love   to  tell  you  more.  
  9. 12.

    • Daily  Monitoring  of  30-­‐40  accounts   • Football  Game  Day  

    • #YFTFT  #Na4onalBrand   Monitoring   QuackCave   12
  10. 14.

    Crisis  Communica4on   •  Most  overused  term  in  PR  

    •  It’s  Only  a  Crisis  if  You  Make  It  Be.   •  Plan?!?    What  plan?    Rely  on   experience,  ins4nct  and  others.    
  11. 15.

    NCAA  Timeline  –  June  26,  2013   7:00  A.M.  –

     REPORT  RECEIVED   •  Tweet  sent  from  @GoDucks:     –  The  University  of  Oregon  has  received  the  report  from  the  NCAA  CommiYee  on  Infrac4ons   &  it  will  be  made  public  at  7:30  a.m.   7:25  A.M.  –  EMAIL  TO  STAFF  &  EMAIL  TO  FRIENDS  OF  OREGON   7:30  A.M.  –  TWEET  SENT  WITH  LINK  TO  RELEASE   •  From  @GoDucks:  Full  NCAA  report  available  here,  sanc4ons  include  loss  of  1  scholarship  for  two   years   8:00  A.M.  –  NCAA  TELECONFERENCE  WITH  GREG  SANKEY   RELEASE  WILL  BE  SENT  OUT  AFTER  WE  TAKE  A  QUOTE  FROM  SANKEY       2:00  P.M.  –  ROB  MULLENS  AVAILABILITY     •  ROB  MULLENS  PAC-­‐12  INTERVIEW  ON  CAMPUS  CAM   •  ROB  MULLENS  INTERVIEW  WITH  TED  MILLER  (ESPN)  AND  BRUCE  FELDMAN  (CBS)    
  12. 17.

    Chip  Kelly  Departure   •  Chip  Kelly  Departure  PR  Plan

      •  Quotes  Ready  to  Go   •  Monitor  Social  Media    
  13. 18.

    Chip  Kelly  Departure   •  Not  Leaving   •  TwiYer

     has  Changed  Everything   •  EVERYTHING    
  14. 19.

    Chip  Kelly  Departure   •  7:20  a.m.  –  Chip  is

     leaving   •  7:45  a.m.  –  Plan  is  in  place     •  8:00  a.m.  –  Team  Mee4ng   •  8:30  a.m.  –  Silence  is  Deafening   •  8:40  a.m.  –  Rumors  start  to  surface   •  9:00  a.m.  –  Chris  Mortensen  Reports  It    
  15. 22.

    Social  Media  Preven4ng  Crime   •  1:06 PM: Blog Post

    on Yahoo! Sports popular Dr. Saturday blog. •  2:59 PM: Tweet from a fan who alerted us about the story. •  3:01 PM: Sent an email to two equipment managers and copied our compliance staff. •  3:04 PM: Responded to the fan, although knew I would provide an update as it came in. •  3:10 PM: Equipment staff responds, letting us know all the helmets were accounted for and the helmet has markings that indicate it is not authentic. •  3:14 PM: Sent out a tweet, using the writer’s handle, indicating the helmet was not ours. •  3:15 PM: Expanded on the first tweet, giving details that not only all helmets were accounted for, but some of the markings indicate it wasn’t authentic. •  3:16 PM: Writer makes correction to her story, indicating the helmet was not authentic. It is dated at this time, but the actual correction was probably closer to her tweet to me. •  3:51 PM: Item removed from Ebay. •  4:24 PM: Graham Watson provides an @ response to me, indicating she has updated the story. •  4:38 PM: After some back and forth with @Yahoo_Graham, made sure to thank her for updating and the fans for alerting us to the issue.
  16. 26.

    Personal  Brand  =  #Na4onalBrand   •  50  Rules  for  Student-­‐Athletes

      •  Treat  every  post  as  a  press  conference   •  Build  your  own  personal  brand  
  17. 29.

    The  Case  of  Will  Hill   •  #1  Safety,  #2

     overall  player  in  the  country  in  H.S.   •  Poster  boy  for  tweets  gone  bad   •  Shunned  by  the  NFL  
  18. 30.

    Ques4ons   “If  there  are  no  stupid  ques4ons,  then  what

     kind   of  ques4ons  do  stupid  people  ask?    Do  they   get  smart  just  in  4me  to  ask  ques4ons?”   -­‐ScoY  Adams