Design Thinking Strategy for Customer Experience (Rajesh Kuppuswamy)

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October 24, 2013

Design Thinking Strategy for Customer Experience (Rajesh Kuppuswamy)

This is not just another workshop. It is an interactive play, where each person plays a role in helping everyone understand Design Thinking strategy; with three acts and an awe inspiring finale!

Act I: To Think or to Design Thinking
Tracing the popularity of Design Thinking, this act lays the foundation to understand Design Thinking principles, with creative exercises and provoking discussions.

Act II: Strategizing with Design Thinking
Putting Design Thinking in Action does not require a lot of effort, but requires a disciplined focus and a unique strategy dedicated to deliver exciting user experiences

Act III: Design Thinking Strategy in Action
Discussing on best practices and learning experiences in the practice of a Design Thinking strategy to drive engaging customer experiences, this act describes Polaris’ Design thinking strategy.

And, last but not the least, presenting one of the results of Polaris Design Strategy, ROBIN, the World’s first Robot for Banking and Insurance… live !



October 24, 2013