UX14 - A Rural Indian Design Experience (Neel Shah)

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October 10, 2014

UX14 - A Rural Indian Design Experience (Neel Shah)

Designing for the base of the pyramid comes with a deluge of constraints - Affordability, Accessibility and Awareness are only a few to start with. How to make a compelling offering that embraces all of these constraints?
The talk is about real life stories of energy poverty and everyday loss of opportunity from Mathura- the birthplace of Lord Krishna. Why does Arav Singh, in Bhankarpur Basela spend on sending his kids to private school and yet live his life in dark for several hours every night? What are his inhibitions in moving from dim, dangerous and dirty kerosene lamps to a better energy solution? What offering would help him get past these inhibitions?
The talk outlines challenges faced in developing a solar home system offering for rural India and how Simpa Networks embraced these challenges by systems thinking and application of user-centric design not just in its product but also through its service commitments and an innovative business model.



October 10, 2014