UX14 - Changing the UX Mindset (Sarah Bloomer)

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October 11, 2014

UX14 - Changing the UX Mindset (Sarah Bloomer)

Are you new to managing a team of user experience professionals? Are you trying to improve the acceptance and effectiveness of your user experience team? Or maybe you’ve got a mature UX practice and are wondering what’s next?

We hear the usual recommendations: find an executive sponsor, create UX champions, demonstrate your value, and apply metrics. These recommendations focus on demonstrating and convincing our colleagues about the value of UX. While each of these approaches can be effective, they rarely take UX to the next level of maturity. We need new strategies for improving UX influence.

Sarah believes the field of User Experience has reached the point where we need to think more deeply about how we fit, how to work within an organizational system and find more multi-dimensional roles. It’s not just about convincing, but about collaborating; it’s not just about process, but about being a change agent. Soft skills such as listening, facilitation and influence are equally important to design and research skills. She’ll summarize by explaining how the Capability Maturity Model is relevant to UX and provide ways to move your team or practice forward.



October 11, 2014