UX14 - THE MVPOC ( Minimum Viable Proof of Concept) (Ray Delapena)

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October 11, 2014

UX14 - THE MVPOC ( Minimum Viable Proof of Concept) (Ray Delapena)

Sometimes you need some proof before you release your first product into the market. In enterprise organizations you may need to secure permission, funding, and resources. If your product is a very large and complex system even the minimum viable product (MVP) could require significant effort (and risk) to produce. In either of these cases, there's not a lot of runway once you put out that first real release, you need a proof of concept (POC) before you start. You need a thoroughly considered opening move.

There is a way to enter into the iterative methodology of thinking, making, and learning in small batches championed by proponents of Lean, even when you simply don't have the ability to release a live product yet.

In this talk we will cover a process that will help you figure out what needs to go into your initial MVP and gives you the confidence that, once you do release it, it will provide real value to your customers and you will continue to learn how to improve it via:
1. Discovery
2. Assumptions and hypotheses
3. Initial concepts
4. Experimentation
5. Synthesis



October 11, 2014