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UXINDIA 2015- To become a genius, design for village women(Alexander Muir) by uxindia

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October 25, 2015

UXINDIA 2015- To become a genius, design for village women(Alexander Muir) by uxindia

To be the best UX professional we can be, we need to work on big, meaningful problems. Creating technology to fit well and empower rural Indian village women is one of the biggest and most meaningful challenges there is.



October 25, 2015

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  21. 6 Reasons that focusing your UX efforts on rural village

    women will make you a Genius…
  22. 1. There is a real need 500 Million Indians lack

    basic education 21st Century requires new survival skills Women and children continue to be highly vulnerable and highly under-served… Fortune favors those who respond to a real need. Genius: focus on the real, hard problems
  23. 2. There are intense constraints Low-literacy High-distraction environment Fragile social

    situation… Intense constraints force innovative thinking. Genius: find innovative solutions to hard problem; do more with less; find unique solutions that apply globally
  24. 3. Major Cultural Differences Complex social structure Different values Frequent

    exposure to intense human suffering… Empathy and cultural sensitivity is required. Genius: develop emotional intelligence; develop compassion and insight
  25. 4. They will teach You Social intelligence Resilience Ethnic wisdom

    and practical knowledge… Villagers may be more sophisticated that modern urbanites. Genius: develop new abilities and know-how; reconnect with ancient ways of relating to life
  26. 5. You have to put it all together Bringing your

    UX skills [hands] Using your intelligence and creativity [head] Growing emotional intelligence [heart] … Hands, head and heart together is our optimum state Genius: bring your ‘whole self’ into play
  27. 6. You transcend yourself You step beyond your class, gender,

    ethnicity & culture Building relationship built on love and service Regularly stepping outside your comfort zone… Understand first hand what “One World Family” means. Genius: healing of old wounds; transcending little self, touching the Greater Self
  28. For Opportunities and Support Visits Volunteering Internships MTech and PhD

    Research and Teaching info@ammachilabs.org alexander.muir@ammachilabs.org