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UXINDIA17 - The First XI Innovation Challenge: Using the Indian Cricket team to solve a UX problem with HSBC

November 20, 2017

UXINDIA17 - The First XI Innovation Challenge: Using the Indian Cricket team to solve a UX problem with HSBC

The First XI Innovation Challenge: Using the Indian Cricket team to solve a UX problem with HSBC


November 20, 2017

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  1. FIRST XI INNOVATION CHALLENGE Using the Indian Cricket team as

    inspiration to solve a complex UX challenge
  2. RULES OF ENGAGEMENT Successful cricket teams have a combination of,

    tenacity, patience, individual skill, collaboration and bravery. Approaching this innovation challenge you will test yourselves to succeed in the same way that the Indian cricket team has. As this is a 3 hour workshop you will do this as if you are playing a 20/20 match with 5 overs! 2
  3. CHALLENGING ASSUMPTIONS Where has credit as a concept come from?

    Why is it an accepted transaction? What does it mean in todays world? Before we present you with todays challenge we‟d like you to think about the following questions: • If a "credit card" were an "app" you wouldn't "apply" would you? So why should you for a card? • What does a credit card look like in an intelligent agent world, after the app economy? What does credit look like in an API economy? • How could today's application for a card end up as the card itself? • Why can‟t I purchase something straightaway? What do you really need to know about me that you don‟t know already? • Why do I even need a physical card? 3
  4. How do we increase the number of people completing credit

    card applications? PROBLEM STATEMENT 15 MINS 4
  5. Choose a super team (not more than 3) with complimentary

    skills to tackle this task based on the skills you think they embody and that can help solve this problem. Consider; • What are their successful characteristics? • Who is best suited to this problem, why? • What team would work best together? Play a game of 10 questions based on the attitude of your cricketers with the other team. Take it in turns to answer the questions 1st OVER 5
  6. Using the values that you‟ve just considered, think of components

    that would make up the ideal application process and how demonstrating those values could add to the experience. e.g. Strength, emphasise to the applicant the benefit of banking with HSBC given it‟s a trusted global brand. In your groups of 10 work together to generate ideas for a seamless application process. Place the post it‟s on the wall and organise if possible into a user journey flow. IDEAL JOURNEY 15 MINS 6
  7. POWERPLAY Successfully apply for an HSBC credit card in 8

    minutes; success means its confirmed that it has been done. 7
  8. POWERPLAY Successfully apply for an HSBC credit card in 8

    minutes; success means its confirmed that it has been done. Rules of the game • 6 minutes to „complete‟ your application • Nominate one member of your team to be the umpire • As a team, go through the process of applying for a credit card. • One member of your team must make a note of the user journey – highlighting where the journey is hard and where it is easy • You have 1 minute to progress to each next stage • If you progress to the next stage with 10 seconds spare you get 4 runs, if you finish with 20 seconds spare you get 6 runs • If you do not progress to the next stage the umpire will give you “Out” by raising their finger. You have three lives. • If you think you have finished you must appeal to the umpire with “howzat” and they decide if you have made it to the end of the form 8
  9. RAPID IDEATION Deeper dive; experienced problems as designers with same

    characteristics look at something which would be • One which is aggressive and revolutionary • One which is within the set rules • Cluster the ideas by topic 9
  10. In 2001, having beaten India in the first Test in

    Mumbai in just 4 days, Australia had posted a mammoth 445 in the first innings in Kolkata. Things got worse for India who were all out for 171 and asked to follow on. That is when VVS Laxman (281) and Rahul Dravid (180) put on a 376-run stand which turned the match on its head. India won on the final day thanks to Harbhajan Singh's heroics and then went on to win the series 3-1. 2nd OVER Factors that turbocharged their victory; • Employees hitting KPIs way above average (High scoring batsman) • Conditions optimised for success (Weather) • Strong competition underperforming (Australia collapsing) • Enthusiastic support from customers (Home crowd) • Collaboration in partner eco-system (Dravid / Laxman partnership) • Extraordinary investment in product and talent pool (Coaching) 11
  11. HACK THE CONTEXT; Turbocharge is magic mantra which identifies and

    removes the blockers Turbocharge the five ideas left in your group with the following; • Employees hitting KPIs way above average • External Conditions optimised for success • Strong competition underperforming • Enthusiastic support from customers • Collaboration in partner eco-system • Extraordinary investment in product and talent pool • Technology superpowers; • Infinite compute power / cloud storage / 5G connectivity Everyone has to bat! Each person needs to supercharge an idea before you can move on to the next over. 12

    has gotten predictable. It is the middle of the innings and neither team can make a breakthrough. When a batsman, or bowler, sees that the game has gotten stuck in a particular mode of attack/defense they look at attempting it from a different way. At times like this you need to assess the state of play and make tricky decisions based on the available evidence. Create a contradiction Matrix to evaluate your solution from many angles. IDEA 1 IDEA 2 IDEA 3 IDEA 4 IDEA 5 Millennials 4 1 2 3 5 Cost Helps consumers complete application 13
  13. Which one would you sign up to? Which would you

    want your loved ones to sign up to? Which one would you implement if you were the ruler of the world? Would this change anything? What warnings would you give your loved one? If you were designing this solution would you remove / add anything? PERSONALISE THE EXPERIENCE; Making the solution personal to the individual and the personas 14
  14. What else needs to work for your idea to work;

    EMBRACE THE ECOSYSTEM Every good team game needs to make the best use of partners, team mates and other collaborators. For example the England team succeeding with Duncan Fletcher (Zimbabwean) coach. Consider other organisations, such as credit agencies, governments existing credit providers and other external partners. 15
  15. Map your final idea as a journey, this time going

    into as much detail as you want. Storyboards, Wireframes, interaction designs, it’s up to you. MAPPING THE JOURNEY Brian’s oven has broken. He decides that he can’t wait until he get’s paid to buy a new one. Able to make a purchase straightaway: • 24-7 access • Instant decisioning 16