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UXINDIA18 - AI creates, humans curate

October 05, 2018

UXINDIA18 - AI creates, humans curate

Immersive Demo session 30 min - Day 2


October 05, 2018

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  2. AI Creates, Human Curates

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  4. UXer is a problem solver Do you agree?

  5. Emerging Technologies Are we ready for emerging technology?

  6. AI is evolving technology, changing fast … AI maturity

  7. Target Audience Business Focus Technology While carving UX Continues Collaboration

  8. Product Journey

  9. AI Development First Concept Human Intervention Control with Users Oct

    2017 Mar 2018 May 2018 Aug 2018 Journey from the Concept to GA
  10. AI Development 1

  11. Business AI Development AI Research Business AI Development Team and

  12. Technical Concept India is a country located in South Asia

    that is known as the seventh largest country in the world. It is also the second most populated country in the world, and is home to over 1.2 billion people. Bordering its southern border is the Indian Ocean, the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal. The country also shares its borders with Pakistan, China, Bhutan, Burma, Bangladesh and Nepal. The Indian flag is comprised of four colors. Orange, white and green stripes encompass the flag, and there is a small blue emblem in the middle of the white stripe. This emblem is a wheel that has 24 spokes on it, and the entire flag was designed by Pingali Venkayya. Its capital city is New Delhi and it has a population of 21.75 million. The two official languages of the country are Hindi and English, however there is not a recognized national language. The primary religion in India is Hinduism; however four major religions originated in the country. Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism all began in India, and helped create the diverse culture of India today. The Indian currency is known as the Indian rupee, and the country has an estimated nominal GDP of 1.947 trillion dollars. India’s government is a federal parliamentary constitutional republic. They have a President, Vice President, Prime Minister, Speaker of the House and Chief Justice. NLP based questions generating platform
  13. eLearning professional, teachers and trainers Target Audience

  14. Focus group Intervie w Concept Validation

  15. Findings 10 Questions for one course 15 Minutes per question

    150 Minutes 2.5 hours
  16. AI Development Business Focus User Research AI Research User Interface

    Process and Team
  17. Interface 2

  18. None
  19. None
  20. None
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  22. None
  23. Beta testing

  24. AI Output Not in acceptable range

  25. Improvise Engineering Revisit Offering Improvise Engineering Vs Revisit Offering Improvise

  26. Human Expert

  27. Human Expert for AI support 3

  28. - May 14th , 2018

  29. - May 14th , 2018

  30. Acceptance for AI Product Based Service

  31. Result was shocking

  32. Happy for time getting saved due to AI Ok with

    improved question quality Not very OK with curation by human expert Finding
  33. AI Exciteme nt

  34. How to keep AI Excitement on and still produce good

    quality question?
  35. Collaboration with AI team and Business team • AI quality

    depends on content • Content should be AI compatible • What are the parameters important for compatibility • Can we give these control and visibility to User? AI UX | Beyond Interface
  36. Control and Visibility It should not be complex It should

    be easy
  37. Control and visibility to the User 4

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  39. None
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  41. None
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  43. Click to see 4 variations Click to see 4 variations

  44. Click to see 4 variations Click to see 4 variations

  45. Click to see more distractors

  46. Question accuracy => 80%

  47. World’s first AI-powered platform for creating Questions It is available

    for the users to experience and is completely free! https://www.quillionz.com/
  48. Machine Learning Usage will make AI smarter…..

  49. 48 Slide / Smita Mohith Kanakula Sr. Manager - UX

    at Harbinger Systems smita.Kanakula@harbingergroup.com THANK YOU ! Quillionz Free access https://www.quillionz.com/