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[StarCon] Learning How To Learn

[StarCon] Learning How To Learn

A good education can take many different shapes, sizes, forms. Oftentimes, the most profound educations don’t even happen in a classroom. And yet, they all seem to have one thing in common: they teach you how to learn. Being able to learn new things is an empowering skills, especially for those of us working in the ever-changing, fast-paced tech industry. But how can we teach ourselves this skill? Together, we’ll explore one of the world’s most well-known and deeply-loved techniques and see how we can each use it to learn many new things—tech-related or not!

Vaidehi Joshi

January 19, 2019

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  1. @vaidehijoshi Learning How To Learn Vaidehi Joshi

  2. @vaidehijoshi

  3. @vaidehijoshi

  4. @vaidehijoshi (we’re hiring!)

  5. @vaidehijoshi

  6. @vaidehijoshi

  7. @vaidehijoshi one computer science topic every week for one year

    (it was a long year )
  8. @vaidehijoshi sometimes, it was really fun

  9. @vaidehijoshi but a lot of the time, it was really

  10. @vaidehijoshi

  11. @vaidehijoshi

  12. @vaidehijoshi

  13. @vaidehijoshi

  14. @vaidehijoshi

  15. @vaidehijoshi

  16. @vaidehijoshi

  17. @vaidehijoshi

  18. @vaidehijoshi part of a larger problem

  19. @vaidehijoshi learning new things is hard extremely ^

  20. @vaidehijoshi how did other people learn new things?

  21. @vaidehijoshi make the best resources for the most people

  22. @vaidehijoshi

  23. @vaidehijoshi artist author bongo player lock picker philosopher

  24. @vaidehijoshi I mean…. talk about learning new things!

  25. @vaidehijoshi learn and understand things

  26. @vaidehijoshi The Great Explainer

  27. @vaidehijoshi “the best teacher I never had”

  28. @vaidehijoshi how did he teach himself?

  29. @vaidehijoshi


  31. @vaidehijoshi “He tried to find the essential kernels of each

  32. @vaidehijoshi

  33. @vaidehijoshi we can learn how to learn

  34. @vaidehijoshi The Feynman Technique

  35. @vaidehijoshi four steps

  36. @vaidehijoshi identifying the subject %

  37. @vaidehijoshi write down everything we know

  38. @vaidehijoshi explaining it to & someone who knows nothing about

    ' the topic
  39. @vaidehijoshi plain & simple terms

  40. @vaidehijoshi when we speak without jargon, it frees us from

    hiding behind knowledge we don’t have. “
  41. @vaidehijoshi we understand something just because we know the words

    for it
  42. @vaidehijoshi get to the heart of a concept

  43. @vaidehijoshi brevity

  44. @vaidehijoshi

  45. @vaidehijoshi

  46. @vaidehijoshi identifying any gaps ( where the actual learning happens!

  47. @vaidehijoshi organizing & simplifying into a narrative )

  48. @vaidehijoshi simple sentences for storytelling

  49. @vaidehijoshi all things are made from atoms— little particles that

    move around in perpetual motion, attracting each other when they are a little distance apart, but repelling upon being squeezed into one another.” “
  50. @vaidehijoshi analogies to make the abstract more concrete

  51. @vaidehijoshi glorified, high-class, very fast but stupid filing system. “

  52. @vaidehijoshi tests our understanding, challenges our assumptions

  53. @vaidehijoshi you don’t know what you don’t know

  54. @vaidehijoshi i’m smart enough to know that i’m dumb. “

  55. @vaidehijoshi reinforcing what we do know

  56. @vaidehijoshi better explainers

  57. @vaidehijoshi

  58. @vaidehijoshi

  59. @vaidehijoshi making knowledge accessible opens doors for others

  60. @vaidehijoshi tech needs more great explainers

  61. @vaidehijoshi making knowledge accessible makes our industry more diverse

  62. @vaidehijoshi making knowledge accessible makes our industry more inclusive

  63. @vaidehijoshi learning new things is empowering

  64. @vaidehijoshi how can we be great explainers?

  65. @vaidehijoshi what if everyone was a great explainer?

  66. @vaidehijoshi we’ll leave the industry better than when we found

  67. @vaidehijoshi thank you! ✨ basecs.org

  68. @vaidehijoshi medium.com/baseds