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The Cost of Data: Codeland 2020

The Cost of Data: Codeland 2020

The internet grows every day. Every second, one of us is making calls to an API, uploading images, and streaming the latest content. But what is the cost of this—is it free? This talk explores the reality of data, and what responsibilities we have as creators and consumers of tech.

Vaidehi Joshi

July 01, 2020

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  1. The Cost of Data @vaidehijoshi

  2. None
  3. None
  4. How do we store data?

  5. https://www.flickr.com/photos/ibm_media/33838065805

  6. Cloud providers

  7. Keep things running

  8. Servers are demanding

  9. ~200 terawatt (TWh) hours a year

  10. 1-3% of global electricity

  11. Where does the energy come from?

  12. 2% of greenhouse gas emissions

  13. What are providers doing?

  14. The State of Data Center Energy Use in 2018, Paul

    Johnston & Anne Currie
  15. The State of Data Center Energy Use in 2018, Paul

    Johnston & Anne Currie
  16. None
  17. 5 carbon neutral zones

  18. Carbon offset

  19. US-East-1

  20. Lack of transparency

  21. None
  22. Carbon offsets for all servers

  23. One clean KWh for each dirty KWh used

  24. How will this scale?

  25. Global data traffic is growing

  26. nature ©

  27. People are solving for this

  28. Find out where your data lives

  29. Migrate to a green region

  30. Talk about it with your team

  31. None
  32. Build something

  33. None
  34. Be aware

  35. We are using a finite resource

  36. We don’t know what it will cost us

  37. Thank you! costofdata.dev