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The Cost of Data (RailsConf 2021)

The Cost of Data (RailsConf 2021)

The internet grows every day. Every second, one of us is making calls to an API, uploading some images, or streaming the latest video content. But what is the cost of all this?

Every day, a data center stores information on our behalf. As engineers, it's easy to focus on the code and forget the tangible impact of our work. This talk explores the physical reality of creating and storing data today, as well as the challenges and technological advancements currently being made in this part of the tech sector. Together, we'll see how our code affects the physical world, and what we can do about it.

Vaidehi Joshi

April 12, 2021

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  1. The Cost of Data @vaidehijoshi

  2. None
  3. None
  4. How and where we store our data

  5. Every piece of data is stored somewhere

  6. https://www.flickr.com/photos/ibm_media/33838065805 Data center

  7. Cloud providers

  8. Cloud providers

  9. How do they keep things running?

  10. Redundancy

  11. Servers are demanding

  12. 200-500 terawatt (TWh) hours a year

  13. 1 TWh = 1 trillion watts of energy/hour

  14. None
  15. 1-3% of global electricity

  16. Where does that energy come from?

  17. Fossil fuels

  18. Impact depends on energy source

  19. 2% of greenhouse gas emissions

  20. What are we doing about this?

  21. The State of Data Center Energy Use in 2018, Addendum

  22. The State of Data Center Energy Use in 2018, Paul

    Johnston & Anne Currie
  23. None
  24. 5 carbon neutral zones

  25. None
  26. Carbon offset

  27. Still emitting greenhouse gases

  28. US-East-1 🚨 🚨

  29. Lack of transparency

  30. None
  31. Carbon offsets for all servers

  32. One clean KWh for each dirty KWh used

  33. None
  34. Real-time matching

  35. How will this scale?

  36. Global data traffic is growing

  37. nature ©

  38. We’ve already started solving for this

  39. What can I do?

  40. Find out where your data lives

  41. Migrate to a green region

  42. Talk about it with your team

  43. Hold companies accountable

  44. None
  45. Build something

  46. None
  47. Think about what you use

  48. None
  49. None
  50. Be aware

  51. We are using a finite resource

  52. We don’t know what it will cost us

  53. We can push the needle forward

  54. Thank you! 🌍 costofdata.dev