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PWA based on React and WordPress

PWA based on React and WordPress

This talk is about building an offline-first REACT PWA using the WordPress REST API, lessons learned.

This talk was given at the Ieper Wordpress Meetup group. https://www.meetup.com/nl-NL/Ieper-WordPress-Meetup/


Koen Van den Wijngaert

June 05, 2019


  1. Progressive Web Apps using React and WordPress

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  3. @vdwijngaert Koen Van den Wijngaert SiteOptimo.com Geek

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  7. WHAT? Progressive Web App using React and WordPress REST API

  8. Table of Contents 1. WordPress REST API 2. React 3.

    Progressive Web App
  9. WordPress REST API

  10. What is a REST API? A way to transfer state

    between two systems using a common protocol. REpresentational STate Application Programming Interface
  11. What is a REST API? • Resources • Verbs •

    Requests • Responses
  12. REST Resources A resource has a certain location and can

    have an identifier and links to other resources. https://api.example.com/cars https://api.example.com/cars/123456
  13. REST Verbs Verbs that are used to display, create and/or

    manipulate resources. We describe them using the HTTP request method.
  14. REST Verbs https://api.example.com/cars GET Retrieve a list of cars POST

    Create a new car PUT Replace the list of cars with a new one PATCH Update one or more cars in the list DELETE Delete the list of cars
  15. GET https:/ /api.example.com/cars/123456

  16. POST https:/ /api.example.com/cars > HTTP/1.1 201 CREATED

  17. GET https:/ /api.example.com/cars

  18. WordPress REST API

  19. WordPress Rest API https://api.example.com/wp-json/wp/v2/posts • Posts, categories, pages, settings, …

    • Calypso • Extendable • Modifiable (meta fields, …) • Libraries
  20. Calypso

  21. What I did • Custom REST Controller for activities •

    Added ACF Fields • Shaved some data off
  22. Table of Contents 1. WordPress REST API 2. React 3.

    Progressive Web App
  23. React A JavaScript library for building user interfaces

  24. Crash Course React

  25. React vs jQuery

  26. State and Props

  27. Let’s Build a React App Together®

  28. Let’s Build a React App Together® WORDCAMP EUROPE 2019 20–22

    June, Berlin, Germany | #WCEU
  29. Let’s Build a React App Together®

  30. Where do we get the good stuff? GET https://2019.europe.wordcamp.org/wp-json/wp/v2/sessions

  31. What Components do we need? • App • SessionList •

    Session • Speaker • Category • ...
  32. Let’s Build a React App Together® Demo time! https:/ /localhost:5000

  33. Table of Contents 1. WordPress REST API 2. React 3.

    Progressive Web App
  34. Progressive Web Apps

  35. What is this PWA thing? A type of mobile app

    delivered through the web, built using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. They can be installed on any platform that uses a standards-compliant browser. ✓ Progressive ✓ Working offline ✓ Push notifications ✓ Native experience
  36. Main criteria for a valid PWA ✓ Originate from a

    secure origin ✓ Load while offline ✓ Manifest file with basic information ✓ An icon of at least 144×144
  37. manifest.webmanifest

  38. ServiceWorker.js

  39. ServiceWorker.js • Runs in its own global script context •

    Sits between clients and server • Can handle multiple clients simultaneously • Has no direct access to the client DOM
  40. ServiceWorker.js Lifecycle Installed Downloaded Activated

  41. What can it do? • Intercept HTTP Request Useful for

    caching and providing fallbacks • Subscribe for Push Notifications • Synchronize in the background • Register navigation routes
  42. Caching strategies • Cache First • Network First • Network

    Only • Cache Only • StaleWhileRevalidate • ...
  43. https://googlechrome.github.io/samples/service-worker/basic/

  44. Recap 1. WordPress REST API 2. React 3. Progressive Web

  45. That’s it. Meer weten? Stel je vraag