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Antifragile Design

Kevin Clark
July 23, 2015

Antifragile Design

Kevin Clark

July 23, 2015

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  3. ADJECTIVE (of an object) easily broken or damaged. fragile ˈfrajel,ˈfraˌjil

    • flimsy or insubstantial; easily destroyed. • (of a person) not strong or sturdy; delicate and vulnerable.
  4. fragile Anti

  5. Constraints help you focus LESSON Nº 1

  6. There’s an infinity of potential solutions Constraints help you narrow

    them down
  7. Constraints give
 our problems shape

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  12. But constraints limit my creativity!

  13. Songs — Have to rhyme — Have to be under

    5 mins in length — Have a specific structure
  14. Design in the open LESSON Nº 2

  15. Ship fast and iterate

  16. Ship fast and iterate 5JQYGCTN[

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  18. Involve the whole team in your process

  19. Design isn’t “magic”, just hard work.

  20. It’s uncomfortable… at first.

  21. You want to wait until it’s perfect

  22. You want to wait until it Except it’s never perfect

  23. You want to wait until it Except it So you’re

    never done
  24. You want to wait until it Except it So you

    And you never share it
  25. Share something small every day

  26. Get all the feedback, decide what to make of it

  27. Embrace uncertainty LESSON Nº 3

  28. Your users are different from you

  29. 02/01/15 United States MM DD YY

  30. Canada MM DD YY 02/01/15

  31. Canada MM DD YY 02/01/15 (GDTWCT[UV

  32. Don’t avoid complexity, manage it.

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  34. The goal is to make the complex understandable by clarifying

    it, not simplifying it
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  36. Constraints help you focus LET’S RECAP Design in the open

    Embrace chaos 1 2 3
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