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Becoming a .NET TDD SuperHero - ReSharper, NCrunch, Continuous Test

1dfad8107453e0f493ff1a6a8e48d503?s=47 Jaime
March 22, 2013

Becoming a .NET TDD SuperHero - ReSharper, NCrunch, Continuous Test

Brief presentation about how to improve your TDD in .NET by using ReSharper and NCrunch/ContinuousTests (presented in Dev Friday at Medius)



March 22, 2013

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  1. TDD!!! HULK... LIKES... Or… Have 40 minutes Listening to Jaime

     Of Fun
  2. AGENDA • Intro • ReSharper & TDD • The Tdd

    Flow • nCrunch • Showcase Features • ContinuousTests
  3. TDD is Awesome

  4. BUT TDD IS TOUGH!!! WhaT the Heck!?! Unit Testing is

  5. gOOd TOOlinG maKeS it Easier

  6. ReSharper • PLUS + Great TDD Dynamic • MINUS -

    Test RunneR
  7. ReSharper Strengths • QUICK fix • Code Generation • Navigation

    • Quick FIx • Navigation • Refactor • Code Generation RED GREEN REFACTOR

  9. DEMO! Pro TDD with Resharper

  10. Ncrunch to the rescue!!! The Automatic Concurrent Testing ToOL •

    Continuously run tests • Immediate feedback • TRUE ReD-Green-REFACTOR • Seamless Tdd Experience • IT WorKs, It’s FAST
  11. BASIC TOOLS Risk/progress Bar Visual Studio Editor

  12. Test window Processing Queue The Risk/Progress Bar Provides a Summary

    Of the Test window and the Processing Queue It behaves like a progress bar Shows how many tests are failing
  13. DEMO! Flash-Fast TDD with nCrunch

  14. Code Coverage Tooling! Covered and Passing Covered but failing Tests

    that are covering This line of code
  15. Test Performance Metrics! Slow tests are clearly shown

  16. Inline Exception Information and great Debugging Tooling

  17. DEMO! More Additional features

  18. Completely configurable. Select which tests are run automatically and which

    are not based on Different conditions
  19. Intelligent Test Execution Small Memory footPrint Paralell Execution Optimized build

    Process Smart Multiprocessor support AND… All to make nCrunch VEEERY Fast…
  20. Get it at… www.ncrunch.net

  21. However… There’s Also a Dark Side… It Costs 158 $!!

  22. DEMO! Setting up nCrunch within a Big existing application

  23. Behold… There’s an Alternative!

  24. www.ContinuousTests.Com Get it at…

  25. Thank you!!!! Got any Questions? Jaime González García Software developer

    BarbarianMeetsCoding.Com Jaime.gg83@gmail.com