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Becoming a .NET TDD SuperHero - ReSharper, NCrunch, Continuous Test

March 22, 2013

Becoming a .NET TDD SuperHero - ReSharper, NCrunch, Continuous Test

Brief presentation about how to improve your TDD in .NET by using ReSharper and NCrunch/ContinuousTests (presented in Dev Friday at Medius)


March 22, 2013

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  1. AGENDA • Intro • ReSharper & TDD • The Tdd

    Flow • nCrunch • Showcase Features • ContinuousTests
  2. ReSharper Strengths • QUICK fix • Code Generation • Navigation

    • Quick FIx • Navigation • Refactor • Code Generation RED GREEN REFACTOR
  3. Ncrunch to the rescue!!! The Automatic Concurrent Testing ToOL •

    Continuously run tests • Immediate feedback • TRUE ReD-Green-REFACTOR • Seamless Tdd Experience • IT WorKs, It’s FAST
  4. Test window Processing Queue The Risk/Progress Bar Provides a Summary

    Of the Test window and the Processing Queue It behaves like a progress bar Shows how many tests are failing
  5. Intelligent Test Execution Small Memory footPrint Paralell Execution Optimized build

    Process Smart Multiprocessor support AND… All to make nCrunch VEEERY Fast…