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Viva La Vita!

Viva La Vita!

Overview of Playstation Mobile development with Unity


Michael C. Neel

November 09, 2014

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  1. VIVA LA VITA! Using Unity to develop for PlayStation Vita

    and PlayStation TV Michael C. Neel michael.neel@gmail.com / @ViNull
  2. THE LINKS YOU NEED  https://psm.playstation.net  http://unity3d.com/  http://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/TravisJones/20140415/215518/

    Getting_Your_Unity_Game_on_Vita_with_quotUnity_for_PSMquot.p hp  https://psm.playstation.net/static/general/all/unity_for_psm/en/Do cumentation/Manual/psm-top.html

  4. PSM PUBLISHER KEY  PSM Publisher Key is Required 

    Create Account on PSM Dev Portal  Apply to “Purchase” Publisher Key  Currently cost is Free  Can take up to 2 weeks  Good for one year  Done once per developer, not game
  5. DEV MACHINE SETUP  Install PSM Tool Set for Unity

    (First!) Requires Windows 7 / 8  Install Unity for PSM  Currently Unity for PSM is a special Unity 4.3.4 build (Hotfix to 4.3.7p3 released 11/5)  Will be in Unity proper sometime after 5.0 ships  Install PSM Development Assistant for Unity on Vita  Connect Vita via USB and launch DevAssistant  “Build and Run” from Unity!
  6. UNITY DEV NOTES  Mono Sandbox – no native plugins

    allowed  Shaders compiled on first use – no “fallback shader”  3 CPU hardware threads – Unity uses 2, 1 available for workers  DXT Texture Compression is supported  Vita CPU RAM 256MB / Video RAM 128 MB After OS and Unity 184 MB / 87 MB available to app  Unity Profiler – enabled in build settings (Pro Only)  Video – Only fullscreen MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 supported
  7. INPUT AND SENSORS  Directional input and × ◦ □

    △ buttons (digital)  Left and right shoulder buttons (digital)  Left and right analog sticks (x/y axis)  On-screen touch input + rear touch pad  Compass / Gyro / Accelerometer / Location  Front and rear camera  Speaker and microphone
  8. PLAYSTATION TV  Enable PSTV Support in Project Found in

    PSM Tool  Deploy to Vita handheld  Transfer Memory Card to PSTV  Vita handheld is required, no direct deployment method at this moment! (Maybe in 5.0 – not confirmed)
  9. PSM MARKETPLACE I’m not saying it’s like XBLA vs XBLIG

    But it’s totally like XBLA vs XBLIG
  10. PSM MARKETPLACE  Separate from PSN  Game and App

    sections  Supports in app purchases and ad supported  Very few titles currently  Not available on PS3 or PS4