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Game Development with Unity

Game Development with Unity

Presented at CodeStock 2014


Michael C. Neel

July 11, 2014

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  1. Game Development with Unity by Michael C. Neel @vinull /

  2. Why Make Games? Photo by Bob Villalobos

  3. Why Make Games? GAME DESIGN Anthropology Animation Architecture Brainstorming Business

    Cinematography Communication Creative Writing Economics Engineering History Management Music Psychology Public Speaking Sound Design Technical Writing Visual Arts
  4. Why Make Games?

  5. Why Make Games?

  6. The Only Two Links You Need! Unity unity3d.com Ludum Dare

  7. Unity Overview

  8. Made with Unity

  9. Made with Unity

  10. Made with Unity

  11. Made with Unity

  12. Made with Unity

  13. Supported Platforms Also see: Unity Remote for iOS and Android

  14. Unity Pro

  15. Asset Store

  16. Not an IDE!

  17. Unity Script C# / JavaScript / Boo Mono (.net) Based

    Includes MonoDevelop UnityVS Free!
  18. 2D vs 3D Unity Supports Both Mostly UI and concepts

    Except Physics 2D support is very new and still “baking”
  19. Terrain Tool

  20. Mecanim

  21. Mecanim

  22. Demos! 1. Draw a circle 2. Draw the rest of

    the owl
  23. The Technology Cooperative techco.org speakerdeck.com/vinull Michael.neel@gmail.com vinull.com @ViNull