Protecting sensitive data in modern multi-component systems

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September 12, 2018

Protecting sensitive data in modern multi-component systems

💫 modern apps are multi-components, most data leaks are caused by poor architectural decisions,
💫 what is sensitive data life-cycle,
💫 how to build trust model for your app,
💫 what are typical trust patterns,
💫 how to select proper security controls based on real-world risks.


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We will take a deep look into the data lifecycle, risk, trust and how they affect security architecture, encryption, and key management techniques. We will illustrate typical SDL patterns: narrowing trust, monitoring intrusions, zero knowledge architectures, distributing trust. The goal of the talk is to give a general thinking framework and enough ideas about tools for senior engineers to plan their solutions securely, regarding sensitive data contained within.



September 12, 2018