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NACIS PCD Talk 2015: Restyling Old & Cluttered Maps

Vanessa KW
October 13, 2015

NACIS PCD Talk 2015: Restyling Old & Cluttered Maps

Tips for easily restyling maps, using USAID/OFDA maps from my job as an example

Vanessa KW

October 13, 2015

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  1. Restyling Old & Cluttered Maps @run_for_funner Va n e s

    s a K n o p p ke - We t z e l
  2. OVERVIEW 1. Program Maps Restyling 1. (Failed) attempts 2. Solution!

    1. Changes explained 2. Map Booklet Restyling 1. Old vs New 2. Small change makes BIG change 3. How to do it 1. Plus tips and tricks Intro: Why bother changing map styles? Questions? @run_for_funner

    Agency for International Development  Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance  OFDA needs maps for:  Quick onset or natural emergencies  Hurricanes, floods, and other natural disasters  Other: locusts, draught, etc.  Complex emergencies  Aftermath (long term) of above disasters  Human induced disasters (war, technology induced (chemical, etc) Disaster Declaration map, September 2015 @run_for_funner
  4. WHY BOTHER CHANGING?  [maps needed for…]  Summaries of

    where USG humanitarian aid is going (to what programs and organizations in the affected area)  99% of the time: need FAST maps  Reason why specs exist  BUT: same reason why specs have not changed often – work focuses on pushing out as many maps as possible, as quickly as possible.  (all GOOD REASONS of course, for why specs don’t change often) Program map, May 2013 @run_for_funner
  5. Map Booklet, January 2007 @run_for_funner

  6. Reference map, September 2014 @run_for_funner

  7. Program map, February 2014 @run_for_funner

  8. Program map, August 2013 @run_for_funner

  9. Map Booklet, January 2007 @run_for_funner

  10. Program map, February 2015 @run_for_funner

  11. PROGRAM MAP RESTYLING an iterative process @run_for_funner

  12. @run_for_funner

  13. @run_for_funner

  14. @run_for_funner

  15. @run_for_funner

  16. @run_for_funner associative associative

  17. @run_for_funner

  18. @run_for_funner O L D D E S I G N

    Remove border (especially because it was that shade of blue!)
  19. @run_for_funner C H A N G E V I S

    U A L H I E R A R C H Y P. boxes are the “most important” information, so:  Lighten base map color  Lighten ADMIN and City Names  Maintain hierarchy by making ADMIN darker than City Names & dots  Because base color lightened a lot, make admin borders slightly darker (but not DARK)
  20. @run_for_funner

  21. @run_for_funner C H A N G E V I S

    U A L H I E R A R C H Y P. boxes are the “most important” information, so:  Lighten international borders  via both color  AND STROKE (make thinner)  Remove int’l cities (irrelevant)  Make int’l country names lighter than country ADMIN names
  22. @run_for_funner P R O G R A M B O

    X C H A N G E S  Remove border  Remove tab  Add lead line instead  Shorten “International partners” to “ip”  Add 85% transparency to white
  23. @run_for_funner P R O G R A M B O

    X C H A N G E S ( H I E R A R C H Y )  Make int’l boxes 75% transparent  Make int’l lead line lighter than country ADMIN lead line  Keep countrywide tab, but make WHITE  Change label to black  Make white box (and tab) 90% transparent
  24. @run_for_funner K E Y C H A N G E

    S  Remove outline  Make tab white
  25. @run_for_funner

  26. @run_for_funner

  27. MAP BOOKLET RESTYLING @run_for_funner

  28. @run_for_funner

  29. @run_for_funner

  30. @run_for_funner

  31. @run_for_funner

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  41. @run_for_funner

  42. @run_for_funner QUESTIONS?