Help the hackers get your data

Help the hackers get your data

In May 2018 something happened to the internet, GDPR came online,
and suddenly users in the EU had a lot more rights to their digital privacy,
which is awesome. But on the flip side the implementation of the GDPR and
procedures regarding it, are very vague and were meant to be written as
we go along, with whatever comes up as best practices.
Books and talks have been written and given about the data encryption, problems
encountered with event sourcing systems, questionaries about the purposes of
collecting user data... So many words and hours of many lives spent...
Yet, something has been overlooked, something so basic, we do not even notice it.
If you are working on an enterprise-class project or on other large projects,
you might have an infra team that would deal with this and tell you what you need
to do to be secure (at least good ones will)
But... if you are working on smaller projects, and you have mom and pop shops
to support, you deserve the same level of security bigger projects have...
I am talking about secrets and credentials management for your application, the most
overlooked aspect of any application.
This talk gives you a look at secrets management and security from the business side of things and tries to give you actionable information on how to talk to your clients, and bosses about this subject


Vranac Srdjan

March 12, 2020