I Like Turtles

I Like Turtles

Internet viralization is quite an interesting social phenomena since the last two decades. The most viewed video in the internet history was responsible to gather the attention of about 1.5 billion people to an odd and funny south-korean singer. But let’s imagine all this viral power redirected to raise up important social causes instead...

With that in mind, Aaron Swartz and his gang - composed by people from Ukraine, India, Canada, England, Brazil, and (interestingly) USA - started a systematic investigation towards an effective method to viralize important public subjects through petitions. The result of that effort is the VictoryKit project.

In this talk, we present the main ideas behind our method, including the brand new concept of user-conducted experiments, and how we could reach almost two million signatures and around 1.5 million members in about eight months.

Besides that, we also talk about some interesting team dynamics and how we conducted experiments to drive process, development, meetings and everything else. As well as telling our interesting story, our goal is to share insightful ideas on how science and pragmatism can help you reaching successful results in software.


Vinicius Gomes

April 26, 2013