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Next Stop: Flutter

Wajahat Karim
November 10, 2018

Next Stop: Flutter

Recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPtsV-u6Rd8
A talk on comparison of Flutter with other frameworks (Android/iOS Native, React Native, Xamarin, Native Script, Cordova Ionic) given at Flutter Karachi Meetup # 1 on 10th November, 2018.

Wajahat Karim

November 10, 2018

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  1. Next Stop: Flutter A Comparison of Flutter with Other Frameworks

    Wajahat Karim
  2. About Me Wajahat Karim - Mobile Developer (Apps & Games)

    - Writer (Co-Authored 2 Books) - Open Source Contributor - Editor at Android Pub (70,000+ followers) & Flutter Pub (1000+ followers)
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    100+ Stories ❏ 50+ Writers ❏ 20,000 Daily Visitors Created and Edited by Wajahat Karim & Danish Amjad https://medium.com/FlutterPub
  4. What’re we going to talk about?

  5. What have we got? Native Language Hybrid Apps Compiled App

  6. A Closer Look Uses C# and .NET Not compiled to

    native Comes with many pre-built and mostly adaptive controls Uses JavaScript Not compiled to native Comes with some pre-built and partly adaptive controls Uses JavaScript Not compiled to native Comes with some pre-built and mostly adaptive controls Uses Dart Compiled to ARM/C++ Comes with lots of pre-built and non-adaptive controls
  7. Write Once, Use Everywhere Write Once Write Twice

  8. Learn Once, Write Everywhere Learn Once Learn Twice

  9. Rich pre-styled Components Library All you need Style yourself

  10. Ecosystem / Third-party Libraries High Low

  11. Popularity / Community Hot Cold

  12. Performance Native-like Wrapped-like

  13. Native Device Features Native-like Wrapped-like

  14. And The Winner Is... Write Once, Use Everywhere Learn Once,

    Write Everywhere Components Library Performance Native Device Features Ecosystem / Third-party Libs Popularity / Community Real World Usage
  15. Thanks for listening. https://wajahatkarim.com wajahatkarim3@gmail.com https://github.com/wajahatkarim3 @WajahatKarim https://medium.com/@wajahatkarim3

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