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Improving Health Through Safe Routes to Parks and Health Retail Webinar

Improving Health Through Safe Routes to Parks and Health Retail Webinar

Through joint efforts between the Sacramento County Department of Public Health and WALKSacramento we are thrilled to have community-based organizations, government agencies, and other community allies learn how safe routes to parks and retail can help improve health outcomes. During the webinar, we will discuss how a Safe Routes approach can improve community health, key data on Sacramento County health outcomes and built environment conditions, and how this data can be used to justify the need for improved access to parks and healthy foods in communities. This webinar is kicking off our Safe Routes to Parks and Healthy Retail webinar series, which will highlight strategies and resources for implementing Safe Routes policies, planning, and programs. Learn more about the project and download our Toolbox resources here.

Link to Recording: https://bit.ly/srphrwebinar1


April 29, 2020

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  5. •Design 4 Active Sacramento worked on updating the Countywide
    Design Guidelines to include Active Design and Healthy Retail.
    •Led to Project Review Committee
    for the County Environmental and
    Planning Review as well as
    incorporating Active Design into
    Obesity Prevention and Chronic
    Disease Prevention programs.
    •Challenges: understanding the language and the culture of
    transportation and built environment is new to public health

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  6. Sacramento County Public Health included Safe Routes to Parks and
    Safe Routes to Retail in Obesity Prevention Program Scope of Work (Cal
    Fresh Healthy Living – Education) in March 2018.
    •Layered approach to obesity prevention
    Safe streets/neighborhoods allow
    for exercise on sidewalks and parks
    Safe access to healthy retail sites
    and other neighborhood locations

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  7. WALKSacramento is a nonprofit planning and advocacy
    organization that improves quality of life and health
    equity through community-centered policy and systems
    change in land use, transportation, and community

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  8. South Sacramento
    North Sacramento

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  11. www.lcsun-news.com

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  20. Close to high speed, high volume
    Key Vulnerabilities
    15 parks in North
    26 parks in South
    Sacramento Poor connectivity to
    Sidewalk gaps
    Limited safe crossings
    Personal safety concerns

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  21. Close to high speed, high volume
    Key Vulnerabilities
    Bike facility gaps
    Sidewalk gaps and poor
    condition of sidewalks
    Limited safe crossings

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  23. Sacramento
    Policy Recommendations Design Strategies
    Tools Programming
    10 min.
    5 min.

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