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Healthy Development and Active Design Webinar

September 10, 2020

Healthy Development and Active Design Webinar

This webinar is intended to help health practitioners, transportation and land use planners, and livability advocates analyze development projects and make recommendations that will improve health.

Teri Duarte, Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District
Chris Holm, WALKSacramento
John Maradik-Symkowick, Freeport Boulevard Transportation Safety Committee

This webinar is part of our Safe Routes to Parks and Healthy Retail webinar series.


September 10, 2020

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  2. • For questions, please use the Q&A box. • This

    webinar is being recorded and will be made available.
  3. WALKSacramento is a nonprofit planning and advocacy organization that improves

    quality of life and health equity through community-centered policy and systems change in land use, transportation, and community development. About WALK
  4. This webinar is part of our Safe Routes to Parks

    and Healthy Retail webinar series funded by the Sacramento County Public Health. Special Thanks to The California Department of Public Health, with funding from the United States Department of Agriculture’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program – USDA SNAP, produced this material. These institutions are equal opportunity providers and employers. For important nutrition information, visit www.CaChampionsForChange.net
  5. Today's Speakers Speaker Speaker John Maradik- Symkowick Chair Speaker Freeport

    Boulevard Transportation Safety Committee Chris Holm Project Manager WALKSacramento Teri Duarte Land Use and Health Planner Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District
  6. Using Development Project Review to Promote Active Design and Health

    Teri Duarte, MPH, Land Use and Health Planner Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District September 10, 2020 1
  7. Development Project Review

  8. Planners are the link to mandated development project improvements The

    City has broad authority under police powers for all projects to protect welfare, safety and health Planners can mandate project changes through Conditions of Approval 3
  9. Success with bike and ped infrastructure Sutterville Starbucks 4

  10. Original Plan Revised Plan 5

  11. 6 This project contributes to neighborhood walkability and multiple health

    benefits o Reduced obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes o Increased safety o Better social connections o Less noise (less stress, better cardiovascular health) o Better air quality o Better climate adaptability
  12. Thank you! Teri Duarte, MPH Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management

    District [email protected] 7 Up next!
  13. Toolkit Overview

  14. Land Use Type

  15. Design Category

  16. Design Elements

  17. Goal and Justification

  18. Design Recommendations

  19. Policy Guidance

  20. Appendix: Policy References

  21. Example Partial Review The Park (new Raley's on Freeport Blvd)

  22. Context

  23. Commercial

  24. Site Design - Circulation

  25. Site Design – Circulation – Internal Complete Streets

  26. Site Design – Circulation – Internal Complete Streets

  27. Site Design – Circulation – safe pedestrian access

  28. Site Design – Circulation – clearly defined walkways

  29. Site Design – Circulation – a minimal number of driveways

  30. Site Design - Bike Parking - Convenient and close to

    building entrances
  31. Site Design – Landscaping - Tree shade for pedestrians

  32. Site Design – Landscaping - Trees shade parking lots

  33. None
  34. Freeport Boulevard Safety Update Freeport Boulevard Transportation Safety Committee 27

  35. 28

  36. 29

  37. Freeport Blvd. (North of Sutterville) 30

  38. Freeport Blvd. (South of Sutterville) 31

  39. Freeport Boulevard Transportation Safety Committee Charter Goals 1. Reduce vehicle

    speeds to improve safety for all users of Freeport Boulevard. 2. Increase safety and mobility for people of all ages and abilities by improving the accessibility of sidewalks and adding protective bike lanes and enhanced crosswalks along Freeport Boulevard. 3. Improve the attractiveness and usability of the Freeport Boulevard streetscape for residents and shoppers travelling via all modes of transportation. 4. Strive to ensure that the safety of neighboring residential streets will not be significantly impacted by changes along Freeport Boulevard. 32
  40. Freeport Boulevard Transportation Safety Community Survey •3/7 to 5/29, 2019

    •223 Responses 33
  41. 34

  42. 35 Freeport Blvd. Walk Audit May 11, 2019 http://www.slpna.org/newsletters/Freeport%20Walk %20Audit%20Report_FINAL.pdf

  43. 36

  44. 37

  45. 38

  46. Walk Audit Participant Goals: • Improving traffic safety and health

    for all residents • Increasing access to alternative, low-carbon forms of travel such as walking, biking, and transit • Ensuring that new development along Freeport Boulevard contributes to creating a safe walkable and bikeable environment • Identifying improvements that make walking and bicycling comfortable for people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds, including investing in continuous pedestrian and bicycle networks • Increasing productive communication between the Freeport Boulevard Transportation Safety Committee, other residents, and the City in the pursuit of streetscape improvements 39
  47. Walk Audit Strategies: • Slow traffic and provide more separation

    between active modes of travel and motor vehicles • Increase the safety and number of street crossings and intersections • Activate the street to encourage more walking and biking • Engage with the City’s economic development department to plan new development to be consistent with the community’s transportation goals • Prioritize improvements for people using transit and families getting to and from school 40
  48. Alternatives explored: Extend road diet 41

  49. Alternatives explored: Narrow lanes and install additional planted median islands

    and buffered bike-lanes 42
  50. Alternatives explored: Curb extensions (bulb- outs) 43

  51. Alternatives explored: Signalized Pedestrian Crossings 44

  52. Additional alternatives explored: 45 • Install lead pedestrian intervals •

    Consolidate driveways • Complete sidewalk gaps • Plant additional trees • Install outdoor seating and other pedestrian amenities • Install planter strips • Upgrade bus stops
  53. City of Sacramento Safety Grant Application 46

  54. Transportation Safety Grant • In June 2020, the City of

    Sacramento was awarded a grant of $509,000 to study both Northgate Blvd. and Freeport Blvd. • An RFP will be issued in the Fall of 2020. • Community outreach and planning effort will kick off in winter 2021. • Two corridor plans will be presented to City Council for approval in winter 2023. 47
  55. None
  56. Download at: www.walksacramento.org/portfolio/safe-routes-to-parks-and-healthy-retail Tools & Resources

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    for our email list here: https://bit.ly/walksacramentonews Or contact us at: [email protected] Alicia Brown [email protected] Chris Holm [email protected]