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Game Over: Quality Over Quantity

Game Over: Quality Over Quantity

The one in which I talk about being a lovely human.

Wayne Barker

November 08, 2022

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  1. SEO. The Talk Without a Title. (What Happens When You

    Don’t Do Enough) Wayne Barker, BOOM
  2. IMDb RATING 8.1 / 10 The Curse of the Black

    Pearl “Woozy boozy fun”
  3. “Bloated trash filled by too much rum in the belly

    ” Salazar’s Revenge IMDb RATING 6.5 / 10
  4. Warshaw had just 5 weeks to develop the game from

    scratch in time for the Christmas market
  5. Wayne, why are you telling me about shit video game

    based on a film with an alien with a massive glowing finger that just wanted to get back to his family?
  6. Atari lost sight of their culture and goals and started

    chasing the mighty dollar, dollar bill y’all…
  7. If you’ve been in SEO for a while… you know

    it was quantity over quality in the olden days
  8. Google Helpful Content Update: What do we know about it?

    ✓ Sitewide ✓ Ongoing ✓ Classification
  9. Number of <insert thing here> is not a goal, a

    KPI or a measurement of success