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When Wayney Met Petey

When Wayney Met Petey

Wayne Barker

September 22, 2023

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  1. Meet Wayne LIKES – Lo-Fi American Alternative Rock 1986–1994 –

    The Great American Hard Boiled Crime Novel 1936–1999 – Salt & Vinegar Snack-a-Jacks DISLIKES – Beef flavoured Monster Munch – Y orkshire (South) – Jurassic Park
  2. Meet Pete LIKES DISLIKES – Long walks on the beach

    – Identifying rare warblers at Attenborough Nature Reserve – Beef flavoured Monster Munch – Being coerced into public speaking – Talking about myself – Long Eaton
  3. Meet Connor LIKES – Emo music – Sunshine – Coffee

    DISLIKES – Cheese – Single ply toilet paper – the inevitable heat death of the universe, set to consume all life, art, and the desire to collect plastic figurines of characters from the CW network
  4. Meet Lucy LIKES – My cat (Keith) –Philippa’ s cats

    (T una, Nala & Taz) – Mini Eggs DISLIKES – Snow – Egg Sandwiches – Filling my car up with petrol
  5. Meet Philippa LIKES – My cats: Taz, Nala & T

    una – Lucy's cat: Mr Keith – Street food DISLIKES – Pots in the sink – Being an adult – Pumping up my tyres
  6. Meet Liam LIKES – Gravy – Beer – Southern fried

    chicken DISLIKES – Mushrooms – Rain – People that get in your way in a supermarket
  7. Meet James LIKES – Pop Punk and Emo music I

    should have grown out of – Making cocktails – Playing videogames with my mates DISLIKES – Wasting time scrolling news sites and social media just to feel miserable – People who get angry about things other people like – With the exception of Brioche buns replacing Proper burger buns everywhere. If I wanted cake for tea I'd go live in France.
  8. Meet Marcus LIKES – Meat – T echnology – Great

    scenery DISLIKES – Flies – Sweet Potato Fries – Racists