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The Morris Canal of New Jersey: the Preservation of a Dry Canal

WCC Scotland
September 22, 2016

The Morris Canal of New Jersey: the Preservation of a Dry Canal

A brief history of the mountain-climbing canal of New Jersey, followed by a description of current efforts to create a greenway along the original route of the Morris Canal.

WCC Scotland

September 22, 2016

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  1. Morris Canal data
 Length of main canal: 102 mi

    / Pompton Feeder 4+ miles
 23 planes / 23 lift locks / 11 guard locks
 Elevation gain: 754 ft + 912 ft
 Original canal: 32 ft wide on top, 20 ft wide at bottom, 4 ft deep
 Enlarged canal: 40 ft wide on top, 25 ft wide at bottom, 5 ft deep
 Power source: 2 mules / 5 days for one-way trip
 Original locks: 9x75 ft / Enlarged locks 11x90 ft
 Original boats: 10-25 ton
 1845 section boats: 44 ton
 1860 section boats: 70 ton

  2. Morris Canal Greenway • NJTPA (North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority)

    • Warren County • Morris County • Passaic County • Essex County • Jersey City • CSNJ (Canal Society of New Jersey) • Other Stakeholders
  3. Thatcher Avenu in New Village, Meadow Breeze Park in Brass

    Castle, Bowerstown (culvert underneath Plane 7W), sleepers