Regenerating Canals to Create Sustainable Incomes

1466a906ea601d21d89dcbe4e4209964?s=47 WCC Scotland
September 23, 2016

Regenerating Canals to Create Sustainable Incomes

Heritage is big business and according to a recent publication by Historic England (2015) heritage tourism directly accounted for £5.1 billion in the UKs Gross Domestic Product in 2011. Direct, indirect and induced impact increased this contribution to £14 billion. To this figure can be added repair and maintenance of historic buildings which directly generated a further £4.1 billion. Canals and the historic buildings that are associated with canals are popular tourist attractions and good for business with one recent report suggesting that businesses that occupy listed buildings generate £13,000 extra gross value per business per year.


WCC Scotland

September 23, 2016