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Make Your Website Work For You

Warren Denley
December 10, 2014

Make Your Website Work For You

With the web becoming more and more influential in people’s buying decisions, you can can no longer afford to get your website wrong – it could literally be the difference between a flourishing practice and struggle street.

The good news is that it is pretty easy to ensure your website becomes your hardest working salesperson.

In this session we will break through the technical mumbo jumbo and help you understand how to maximise the potential of your website. You will learn:

How Smartphones and Tablets are changing the way your visitors see your site – are people seeing you in your best light?

How omitting this one crucial part of your site can mean your visitors won’t ever return to your site – AGAIN! Resulting in loss of revenue & reputation.

Why these 5 things will make visitors leave your site as quickly as they arrived – as well as how to change them to keep visitors for longer and start building loyal fans.

Warren Denley

December 10, 2014

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  1. A Bit About Me • Co-founder of DIY Website Coach

    • Building WordPress sites since 2008 • Regular speaker at WordPress conferences • 15 years as a business analyst • Not a designer :(
  2. The Importance Of Responsive • > 50% of all browsing

    now done on mobile/tablet • Miniature versions of your site are a turn-off vs
  3. The Importance Of Responsive Mobile friendly options: • Adaptive •

    Separate site for different devices • Multiples sites to update / branding inconsistencies • Responsive • Elements on site moved and resized to fit available space • Consistent site branding across devices
  4. The Importance Of Responsive Make sure you test your site

    Test your website here: http://ami.responsivedesign.is
  5. Opt-Ins And List Building Importance of building a list •

    Bring people back to your site • Build relationships • Promote your services to a warm audience • Opens the door to joint venture opportunities
  6. Opt-Ins And List Building Place opt-ins where they are most

    likely to be seen Opt-in positioned at the top of the sidebar - visible when visiting pages within the website Opt-in positioned below the main header picture area - visible when first arriving on your site. After your posts is also a good option
  7. Opt-Ins And List Building To bribe or not to bribe?

    • Tend to get higher conversion rate with a bribe • Bribe needs to be relevant • Can end up with a lot of “tire kickers” • Go with your gut, then test, test, test
  8. Opt-Ins And List Building The pop-up balancing act • Shown

    to massively increase signups, but can also turn many users off • General guidelines: • Allow a reasonable time for a visitor to see your site first • Don’t display again for 7 days after a visitor closes it • Target to the page (or exit intent)
  9. 5 Ways Lose Visitors In 10 Sec • Slow page

    loading • Confusing navigation • Inconsistent or un-professional look • Content that doesn’t appeal • Too focussed on Google
  10. #1 - Slow Loading Why page load speed is important

    • Visitors hate waiting • Short attention spans • Plenty of other options • Big factor in Google rankings
  11. #1 - Slow Loading Common Causes: • Too many images

    and/or fonts • Unoptimised images • Too many plugins • Poorly coded and/or feature bloated theme • Cheap hosting
  12. #1 - Slow Loading Common Cures: • Caching (plugin or

    hosting level) • Offload file delivery (use a CDN) • Image optimisation • Better hosting
  13. #2 - Confusing Navigation • Visitors don’t want to have

    to think too hard • Make it easy for them to find what they are looking for • Use terms they are familiar with (don’t get too creative with your menus) • Mimimise the number of choices (use sub-menus if necessary) Simple menu
  14. #2 - Confusing Navigation Resource boxes make it easy to

    find your core content Resource boxes in a website sidebar
  15. #3 - Unprofessional Look • A visitor’s impression of your

    site affects how they view your products/services vs
  16. #3 - Unprofessional Look Common cures: • Consistent use of

    (minimal) colours and fonts • Get a branding expert to create a style guide - and stick to it
  17. #4 - Content That Doesn’t Appeal • Topics not of

    interest • Difficult to read due to layout • Difficult to read due to language usage (eg, jargon) • No personality in your writing • Too focussed on you
  18. #4 - Content That Doesn’t Appeal Common cures: • Hook

    in to THEIR problems and emotions • Use stories instead of lecturing
  19. #5 - Too Google Focussed • Over “optimised” content is

    hard for humans to read - it doesn’t flow • Picking the wrong keywords can attract the wrong crowd
  20. #5 - Too Google Focussed Common cures: • Write for

    humans. Google will rank you if you provide value • Use meaningful page titles • Useful meta description (2 line ad) • Provide Google with an XML sitemap (use a plugin)
  21. Help Your Readers Promote You • People like to share

    things that make them look good to their friends & followers • Write content that is worth sharing • Make it easy for visitors to share - social sharing plugins • Don’t go overboard - focus on those channels that your target audience will use
  22. Behind The Scenes Security and Monitoring • The good news

    is most hacking attacks are automated - it’s nothing personal • A few simple steps will protect you from most attacks • Monitoring will alert you should the worst happen
  23. Behind The Scenes Backup • Make sure you can recover

    should something happen to your site • Don’t rely on your host to backup/recover • Store backups offsite for extra protection • Make sure you can restore easily from your backups
  24. Business Boost Pack • Secure WordPress installation • Backup and

    Security configuration • Premium responsive theme, fully configured • Opt-ins integrated to your list(s) • Migration of your content • Styling to match your brand • Integrated training videos
  25. Business Boost Pack Bonus: 1 hour customised training session Investment:

    $1,199 + GST More details: http://www.diywebsitecoach.com/services/