Accelerate Drupal with Service Autowiring!

Accelerate Drupal with Service Autowiring!

Services? Yea, you've basically got those down: registering them in {modulename}.services.yml, adding arguments, using them. Great! While you've been crushing it, Symfony has been busy too - with new features to accelerate how you work!

In this talk, we'll get an overview of service autowiring, auto-registration and autoconfiguration: a set of features that will make you move faster and *love* the process! Just created a new service class and ready to use it? No need to touch *any* configuration files. Need to add another constructor argument? Type-hint it and keep coding: no YAML involved.

This talk assumes an understanding of services in Drupal. By the end, you'll be ready to try out these new features and work faster. Zoom!



April 10, 2019