Developer Experience in the PHP World

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February 06, 2015

Developer Experience in the PHP World

We're sharing more, we're writing more blog posts and we're building libraries with increasingly clever names. So why does it sometimes *still* feel like rage-tossing my computer out of the window is part of solving development problems? I thought the future would let me composer install unicorns and rainbows directly into my app!? Shouldn't my experience as a developer be smoother? Having *only* great tools is just about as useful as locking me inside a Home Depot and asking me to build a house. So in this talk, we'll look at developer experience (DX) in the PHP world by going through some DX wins and some DX fails, um, "todos". I'll also share what some communities and libraries are doing specifically to make our lives easier and more productive. But ultimately, DX starts with *us*: developers who notice when things are too difficult and improve them. By the end of this talk, I hope the PHP world will have a few more DX heroes.



February 06, 2015