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Vim Registers - Simple tutorial

Vim Registers - Simple tutorial

A guide explaining how to use vim editor registers.

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  1. List of Registers • 1. The unnamed register "" •

    2. 10 numbered registers "0 to "9 • 3. The small delete register "- • 4. 26 named registers "a to "z or "A to "Z • 5. four read-only registers ":, ". and "% • 6. the expression register "= • 7. The selection and drop registers "*, "+ and "~ • 8. The black hole register "_ • 9. Last search pattern register "/
  2. 1. Unnamed register Any D, C, S, X and Y:

    Will fill "" register. Except the _ register. The "" is used in p, P or :put commands. Example: Try yank a line, delete with "_dd and paste it. The yanked line will be pasted :)
  3. 2. Numbered registers Yank register (0) stores your recent yanked

    line. Check your registers: :reg "0 Paste last yanked line: "0p Paste deleted line: p
  4. 3. Small delete register Read-only register Referenced by "- Stores

    any text that you deleted or changed that was less than one line in length Example: Delete something and check :reg "-
  5. 4. Named registers See full list of your registers: :reg

    Note a quote (") in start of line How to yank to a register? <a-z> and <A-Z>! "ayy OR :yank a Append to named register: "Ayy OR :yank A Cleaning a named register: qaq Copying a pattern to register: :global/Lorem/yank A See more: :h quote_alpha
  6. 5. Read-only registers ":, ". and "% ": Contains the

    most recent executed cmd line ". Contains the last inserted text "% Contains the name of current file ! "# Contains alternate file (can't reproduce)
  7. 6. Expression register In --INSERT-- mode: <C-r>=(your-expression) Or in normal

    mode: :put =(your-expression) List of functions: :h function-list Examples: 2+2 4*4 sqrt(4)
  8. 7. Selection registers "*, "+ and "~ Selects and drops

    text into the clipboard Copy to system clipboard: "+y OR "*y Paste from system clipboard: "+p OR "*p OR :set paste, then p "~ Stores the dropped text from last drag'n'drop
  9. 8. Blackhole register Check your registers: :reg " Delete without

    write in default register: "_dd Check again: :reg "
  10. 9. Last search pattern register "/ Contains the most recent

    search-pattern Used for "n" and 'hlsearch' You can't yank or delete into this register !