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Jupyter Notebooks for Humans

Jupyter Notebooks for Humans

Presented at PyNam event on April 15, 2021

Six Steps to Human Friendly Notebooks. An overview of how Jupyter notebooks can be used to build community and share knowledge widely.

Discussion of Miniforge, JupyterLab, Binder, and Workshops at Meetups.


Carol Willing

April 15, 2021

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 Notebooks for Humans Carol Willing April 15, 2021 PyNam

    Event "WE ARE MORE THAN A COMMUNITY" – PyNam https://speakerdeck.com/willingc/jupyter-notebooks-for-humans
  2. Hello PyNam Pythonistas Steering Council, Python Core Developer, Python Fellow,

    Python Software Foundation Frank Willison Award for technical and community contributions to Python Steering Council, Project Jupyter Core Developer, Project Jupyter Co-Editor, Journal of Open Source Education Co-Author, Teaching and Learning with Jupyter Notebooks 2017 ACM Software System Award VP of Learning, Noteable.io Carol Willing GitHub: willingc
  3. HI, I’M CAROL • I love playing and creating with

    code. • Ooh...cool. How did you make this? • What happens if... • I wonder if I can break it. • People before code - always • Learn, Build, Share - Openly
  4. Python Namibia The future of Python depends on people. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smP550fgQbk

    How Python rises in Namibia - Ngazetungue Muheue
  5. Notebooks for Humans Share Build Learn

  6. Learn Jupyter Notebook A Jupyter Notebook document with a visualization

    of measles data.
  7. @WillingCarol 9,857,138 notebooks on GitHub

  8. @WillingCarol Storytelling with text, code, visualization, multimedia, and interactivity

  9. JupyterLab 3.0 - Simple Interface https://blog.jupyter.org/jupyterlab-3-0-is-out-4f58385e25bb

  10. JupyterLab 3.0 - integrated debugger https://blog.jupyter.org/jupyterlab-3-0-is-out-4f58385e25bb Try it at https://jupyterlab.readthedocs.io/en/stable/user/debugger.html#tutorial-notebook

  11. Notebooks for Everyone

  12. Build

  13. Miniforge (conda-forge/miniforge) A minimal installer for Conda speci fi c

    to conda-forge. It is comparable to Miniconda, but with: • an emphasis on supporting various CPU architectures • installation scripts or brew install miniforge on Mac • conda-forge set as the default channel • optional support for PyPy in place of standard Python (aka "CPython") • optional support for Mamba in place of Conda
  14. Miniforge: Install on your computer brew install miniforge bash <miniforge

    shell script> Follow directions in the README and terminal output
  15. Use a web-based service (Binder) https://jupyter.org/try Try JupyterLab or Jupyter

    Classic Notebook. Important: This is a temporary notebook so remember to download your notebooks before you close the web page.
  16. Six Steps to Notebooks for Humans Text Multimedia Code Interactivity

    Visualization Sharing
  17. 1 Start with an explanation

  18. 2 Use code to get or create data

  19. 3 Visualize

  20. 3 Visualize

  21. 4 Interact with the notebook

  22. 5 Add multimedia and resources

  23. 6 Share the notebook https://gesis.mybinder.org/binder/v2/gist/willingc/aa52d625e5c58c3abfb2814e46d40dff/0fd73ffb21189d2dc9ade8e1a5c09bcd62a6a271

  24. Share

  25. @WillingCarol 25 
 Live Code on Binder https://beta.mybinder.org/v2/gh/minrk/ligo-binder/master?filepath=index.ipynb https://losc.ligo.org/tutorials/ LIGO

    Binder mybinder.org
  26. Notebooks and Community Less stress Friends and fun Future mentors

    Everyone wins Intro to Python - San Diego Python https://github.com/pythonsd/intro-to-python
  27. ...a programming language created by a community fosters happiness in

    its users around the world. – Guido van Rossum
  28. Human Friendly Notebooks Text Multimedia Code Interactivity Visualization Sharing Share

    Build Learn
  29. Came for the language. Stayed for the community. PyNam and

    Pythonistas around the world Credit: Kushal Das
  30. @WillingCarol 30 Thank you

  31. Python Software Foundation

  32. •PyNam Website •San Diego Python •Project Jupyter team and community

    •Noteable for giving me the time to contribute back to the Python community •Photo credits and links on individual slides Attributions and recognition https://speakerdeck.com/willingc/jupyter-notebooks-for-humans @willingcarol https://gist.github.com/willingc/aa52d625e5c58c3abfb2814e46d40dff