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Practical Python and Jupyter for Data Science and More

Practical Python and Jupyter for Data Science and More

Get started or level up your skills using Python, Jupyter, and many more libraries in the Python ecosystem. This keynote was presented at PyCon MY 2019 in Kuala Lumpur.

Carol Willing

August 25, 2019

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  1. @WillingCarol Hi! I'm Carol. • Python Steering Council • Core

    Developer • PSF Fellow • PSF Director (Former) • Frank Willison Award 2019 2
  2. @WillingCarol 3 Core maintainer Papermill, Scrapbook, Bookstore, Commuter Steering Council

    Core Developer JupyterHub, BinderHub, mybinder.org I create data science tools.
  3. @WillingCarol 4 Core maintainer Papermill, Scrapbook, Bookstore, Commuter Steering Council

    Core Developer JupyterHub, BinderHub, mybinder.org I create productivity data science tools.
  4. @WillingCarol 12 What's behind the growth? Web DevOps Systems Testing

    Science Data Science Embedded systems Education Micropython, CircuitPython, Raspberry Pi
  5. @WillingCarol 13 Language Design In reality, programming languages are how

    programmers express and communicate ideas — and the audience for those ideas is other programmers, not computers. http://neopythonic.blogspot.com/2016/04/kings-day-speech.html Guido van Rossum
  6. @WillingCarol PEP 13 Python Language Governance 17 ‣ Quality and

    Stability ‣ Contributing accessible, inclusive, sustainable ‣ Core team and PSF relationship ‣ Decision making processes for PEPs ‣ Seek consensus
  7. @WillingCarol 20 Positional only parameters Assignment operator (walrus operator) "equals"

    specifier added to f-string (debugging) PEP 587: Python Initialization Configuration PEP 574: pickle protocol 5 Python 3.8
  8. @WillingCarol Getting Started and Leveling Up 35 Try it in

    the browser Install Python Install Libraries Choose your tools
  9. @WillingCarol 36 Binder 2.0 blog post elifesciences: Share your interactive

    research environment Nature article about Binder !36 mybinder.org Try it in the browser
  10. @WillingCarol Install Python 40 Use the OS Package Manager Use

    a Distribution - Anaconda, miniconda Download from Python.org
  11. @WillingCarol Install Libraries 41 Use a Distribution such as Anaconda

    Use pip Use miniconda, conda, and conda-forge
  12. @WillingCarol nteract 47 Jupyter's open notebook format, protocol, and language

    kernel standards enable different user interfaces.
  13. @WillingCarol Exploring data and libraries 50 Start with your interests

    Try a tutorial Learning resources Community What's new
  14. @WillingCarol Start with your interests I usually create music projects

    when exploring new languages. 51 https://web.mit.edu/music21/
  15. @WillingCarol Learning resources 54 Online Books with Jupyter Notebooks Conferences,

    pyvideo.org and YouTube https://jakevdp.github.io/PythonDataScienceHandbook/
  16. @WillingCarol What's new 57 Talk Python to Me Tracking Jupyter

    Newsletter https://tinyletter.com/TrackingJupyter/archive Open Source Directions webinar GitHub Trending Follow projects on Social Media
  17. @WillingCarol 59 Ten Simple Rules for Reproducible Research in Jupyter

    Notebooks Adam Rule et al. https://github.com/jupyter-guide/ ten-rules-jupyter https://github.com/jupyter-guide/ jupyter-guide
  18. @WillingCarol 60 https://github.com/data-exp-lab/rust-yt-tools/ npm package @data-exp-lab/yt-tools Irber Junior LC. Oxidizing

    Python: writing extensions in Rust [version 1; not peer reviewed]. F1000Research 2018, 7(ISCB Comm J):955 (poster) (https://doi.org/10.7490/f1000research. 1115726.1) https://github.com/munkm/widgyts yt and jupyter widgets !60
  19. @WillingCarol 67 Papermill Scrapbook Bookstore Commuter Production data at scale

    !67 https://medium.com/netflix-techblog/notebook-innovation-591ee3221233
  20. @WillingCarol 68 Papermill - parameterize / run Scrapbook - recording

    / reading Bookstore - store notebooks Commuter - share notebooks Production data at scale !68
  21. @WillingCarol 76 – Guido van Rossum ...a programming language created

    by a community fosters happiness in its users around the world. http://neopythonic.blogspot.com/2016/04/kings-day-speech.html
  22. @WillingCarol 77 –Tim O'Reilly Contributions can encompass so much more

    than code. A successful software community requires time, dedication, communication, and education as well as elegant code.  
  23. @WillingCarol Attributions 88 Attributions on slides. Photos [2, 3, 4,

    5, 6, 7, 45, 55, 56, 62, 67, 68, 70] Carol Willing and Linnea Willing [38] The Carpentries, Tracy Teal, Bérénice Batut