STEAM Workshops with JupyterHub and Binder

STEAM Workshops with JupyterHub and Binder

PyCon 2018 Education Summit

Inspiration for using Python, Jupyter notebooks, JupyterHub and Binder for STEAM workshops for middle school and high school students.


Carol Willing

May 10, 2018


  1. 8.

    Learning results from what a student does and thinks and

    only what the student does and thinks. Herbert A. Simon
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    The teacher can advance learning only by influencing what the

    student does to learn. Herbert A. Simon Credit:
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    Will I be able to learn ____________? Doubt Fear Alone
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    Python - The Beginning the most important lesson I learned

    was about sharing – Guido van Rossum
  6. 17.

    Designed for Learning In reality, programming languages are how programmers

    express and communicate ideas — and the audience for those ideas is other programmers, not computers. – Guido van Rossum
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    JupyterLab Try it on Binder. next-generation web-based user interface for

    Project Jupyter Special thanks to Jessica Forde.
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    JupyterHub for Teaching • Exploration and experimentation

    signal-processing-using-wearables-jupyter-notebooks- scipy-2016.html • Physical media with wearables and electronics • Real world, self-directed projects Teaching Signal Processing using Wearables and Jupyter Notebooks Dr. Demba Ba
  10. 38.

    QuantEcon • multiple languages • lectures, notebooks, and more Comprehensive

  11. 39.

    Introduction to Mechanical Vibration (Jason Moore & Kenneth Lyons) Remix

    high quality content
  12. 40.

    Introduction to Mechanical Vibration (Jason Moore & Kenneth Lyons) Interactive

    Open Access
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    Serendipity Explore interests • Gallery of interesting notebooks •

    • GitHub trending notebooks search • tutorial and talk videos •
  14. 43.

    • citizen science • standards based • grade specific • • running-numbers California Academy of Science Remix open source content
  15. 44.

    Music • Music theory - music21 -Myke Cuthbert • Digital

    signal processing - Allen Downey • Cyrille Rossant - Synthesizer Example • Magenta - Google • RISE - Damian Avila Jupyter, open source, workshops
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    Workshops and clubs She doesn't tell you how

    you are supposed to get there. She asks you the right questions and leads you to the solution. - Meera Kota On mentors:
  17. 51.

    • San Diego Python • Demba Ba • OKGO and

    Anne-Marie Thomas • Jason Moore • QuanEcon • Project Jupyter team and community • Photo credits and links on individual slides Attributions and recognition
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    Questions Steering Council, Project Jupyter Core Developer, Project Jupyter Software

    Engineer, Cal Poly SLO Fellow, Python Software Foundation Core Developer, CPython Geek in Residence, Fab Lab San Diego Carol Willing @willingcarol