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The State of Python for Education

The State of Python for Education

A view of education and learning with Python in different areas such as a CPython language, electronics, web development, Jupyter, science, data science, and mobile applications. Presented at PyCon Taiwan 2017 on June 9, 2017 in Taipei.

Carol Willing

June 09, 2017

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 The State of Python for Education Carol Willing Director

    Python Software Foundation Steering Council Project Jupyter June 9, 2017 PyCon TW 2017
  2. Thank you Photo taken by Matthew Bowers

  3. The State of Python for Education Learning https://github.com/jakevdp/WhirlwindTourOfPython

  4. Agenda • Learning with Python • Creating opportunities • Scaling

    globally • Call to action
  5. Agenda • Learning with Python • Creating opportunities • Scaling

    globally • Call to action
  6. Learning with Python Credit: Karen Rustad Tolva

  7. Learning results from what a student does and thinks and

    only what the student does and thinks. Herbert A. Simon
  8. The teacher can advance learning only by influencing what the

    student does to learn. Herbert A. Simon Credit: http://bostonpythonworkshop.com/
  9. Motivate Curiosity Engage Connect Wow Develop mastery Motivate Apply knowledge

  10. Develop mastery Motivate Apply knowledge Develop mastery What if... Iterative

    Attempts Failure Persistence Interactive Feedback
  11. Develop mastery Motivate Apply knowledge Apply knowledge Domains Experience Cross-culture

    Complex problems
  12. Agenda • Learning with Python • Creating opportunities • Scaling

    globally • Looking to the future • Call to action
  13. Creating opportunities Credit: http://pythonineducation.org/

  14. Language

  15. • Start with a proven curriculum http://pyvideo.org/pycon-us-2013/a-hands-on- introduction-to-python-for-beginning-p.html • Hands

    on to engage students • Takeaway notebooks reduce student stress https://github.com/pythonsd/intro-to- python Reaching out to new users Intro to Python San Diego Python
  16. Encouraging contributors to CPython Credit: LWN.net PyCon 2017 Language Summit

  17. Tinkering and making

  18. Joy of exploration (1978) Credit: BYTE magazine

  19. Joy of exploration (2017) Credit: micropython.org Credit: https://helloworld.raspberrypi.org/helloworld/issues/1 Credit: http://microbit.org/about/

  20. Web Credit: Two Scoops Press

  21. “Real world” at Instagram http://pyvideo.org/pycon-us-2017/keynote-pythoninstragram.html Lisa Guo Hui Ding Instagram

    PyCon 2017 Keynote Credits: Instagram, pyvideo.org
  22. “Real world” web development Credits: pyvideo.org, PyCon 2017

  23. Jupyter for Science and Data Science

  24. Jupyter notebooks engage learners

  25. JupyterHub

  26. https://github.com/jupyterlab/jupyterlab JupyterLab Try JupyterLab https://github.com/jupyterlab/jupyterlab#installation

  27. Motivate learners • Work with student interests https://nbviewer.jupyter.org/ • Wow

    with possibilities https://github.com/jupyter/jupyter/wiki/A-gallery- of-interesting-Jupyter-Notebooks • Get them started with tmpnb and binder https://try.jupyter.org http://mybinder.org/ Project Jupyter community
  28. • Exploration and experimentation http://pyvideo.org/scipy-2016/labs-in-the-wild-teaching- signal-processing-using-wearables-jupyter-notebooks- scipy-2016.html • Physical media

    with wearables and electronics • Real world, self-directed projects Motivate learners Teaching Signal Processing using Wearables and Jupyter Notebooks Dr. Demba Ba
  29. • Feedback and communication with students using nbgrader http://kristenthyng.com/blog/2016/09/07/ jupyterhub+nbgrader/

    • Progression to complex examples and tasks https://github.com/kthyng/ python4geosciences Develop mastery Python for Geosciences Dr. Kristen Thyng
  30. Apply knowledge Berkeley Data Science Data8 UC Berkeley http://denero.org/data-8-in-spring-2017.html https://github.com/data-8/jupyterhub-k8s

    http://data8.org/ http://data.berkeley.edu/ http://data.berkeley.edu/about/videos •Campus wide curriculum •Cross-discipline • Zero to JupyterHub with Kubernetes https://zero-to-jupyterhub.readthedocs.io
  31. Headline Slide Sub-headline

  32. Mobile Credit: https://pybee.org/project/using/

  33. Python’s power in your hand https://pybee.org/project/about/

  34. Agenda • Learning with Python • Creating opportunities • Scaling

    globally • Call to action
  35. Scaling globally Credit: http://pythonineducation.org/

  36. Resources Python Software Foundation PyLadies and DjangoGirls Conferences, Workshops and

    Sprints pyvideo.org Hello World & Raspberry Pi Foundation Python in Education pythonineducation.org
  37. Agenda • Learning with Python • Evolving rapidly • Scaling

    globally • Call to action
  38. Python’s future

  39. Call to action • Join PSF and Python in Education

    • Participate in a sprint • Give a talk or write a post • Offer a workshop • Contribute to a favorite project • Share your creations
  40. Came for the language. Stayed for the community. Brett Cannon

    and Pythonistas around the world Credit: Kushal Das
  41. Thank you @willingcarol

  42. Questions? • Steering Council, Project Jupyter • Software Engineer, Cal

    Poly SLO • Director, Python Software Foundation • Core Developer, CPython • Geek in Residence, Fab Lab San Diego Carol Willing @willingcarol
  43. • Kristen Thyng • San Diego Python • Demba Ba

    • Project Jupyter team and community • Photo credits on individual slides Attributions and recognition
 The State of Python for Education Carol Willing Director

    Python Software Foundation Steering Council Project Jupyter June 9, 2017 PyCon TW 2017