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IBM, Cloudant and Apache CouchDB 2.0

IBM, Cloudant and Apache CouchDB 2.0

Learn more about Cloudant's ongoing commitment to open source software, re-energised by the IBM acquisition and culminating in the completion of the BigCouch-CouchDB merge.

Joan Touzet

June 17, 2014

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  1. IBM, Cloudant and Apache CouchDB 2.0

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  2. April 2012 Apache CouchDB Summit
    Proposed features achieved†
    1. Replace Futon
    2. Support CORS
    3. Improve replication
    4. Documentation
    5. Global changes feed
    6. _changes feed for views
    7. OTP compliance refactoring
    8. Test suites
    9. Plugin interface
    10. Improve ini file handling
    Still to come:
    • Conflicts are the exception, not
    the rule
    • DSL / Richer querying support
    • Improved user/security model
    • WebSockets/EventSource/SPDY
    • More built-in map/reduce funcs
    • Remove reserved metadata
    • Partial updates/reads of docs
    • Enhance background task
    And many, many more…
    †Within one of: Apache CouchDB, Cloudant DB Core, rcouch branch

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  3. 4
    IBM Contributions to Open Source

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  4. IBM has embraced Open Source since 1960s!

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  5. BigCouch / DB Core merge status
    1. Split single repository into one-per-application model
    2. “Nebraska” merge updated with CouchDB changes since
    March 2013
    3. Build process updated for new multi-repo model (rebar)
    4. JS test cases are all passing
    5. etap eunit conversion done, many tests pass
    1. Merge DB Core changes since March 2013
    2. Deprecate Cloudant repos for ASF repos
    3. Add tooling to make administration easier
    4. Merge rcouch view _changes work (hopefully!)

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  6. Running the Merged Code
    • $ git clone git://github.com/rebar/rebar.git && \
    • cd rebar && ./bootstrap
    • $ cp rebar ~/bin # or /usr/local/bin or similar
    • $ git clone http://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/couchdb.git \
    • -b 1843-feature-bigcouch
    • $ cd couchdb && ./configure && make

    $ dev/run
    • $ curl http://localhost:15984/ # in another terminal
    localhost:15984 localhost:25984 localhost:35984

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  7. We need your help!
    • Run the test suite (make check)
    • Set up a dev cluster and test all operations
    • Run your application against the merged code
    • But please, not in production! ☺
    • Send bug reports to [email protected] or CouchDB JIRA
    • Chat with developers on Freenode IRC, channel #couchdb

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