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Up and Down the Python Data and Web Visualization Stack

Up and Down the Python Data and Web Visualization Stack


Rob Story

May 03, 2014


  1. Up and Down the Python Data & Web Visualization Stack

  2. Hi. I’m Rob Story wrobstory.github.io https://github.com/wrobstory/pydatasv2014 @oceankidbilly

  3. I work for DataPad We’re building a visual data analytics

    platform. It’s awesome. ! Sign Up: www.datapad.io ! We’re Hiring!
  4. Visualization in python We’ve come a long way.

  5. 2012 Matplotlib Chaco 2014 Matplotlib Bokeh Vincent Seaborn ggplot Vispy

  6. “Why doesn’t everyone work together to build one python charting

    library?” “Why doesn't everyone work together to write one programming language?” =
  7. choices are signs of a healthy ecosystem We need more

    visualization libraries, and they should be opinionated
  8. The future present is web visualization

  9. IPython = Browser javascript languages

  10. The New Stacks ggplot seaborn matplotlib Vincent Bearcart Rickshaw Folium

  11. Demo


  13. Ipython Julia R Gadfly rCharts

  14. IPython Coms + Widgets + Visualization

  15. Python Backbone D3

  16. Sticky

  17. None
  18. Thank you! questions?