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Born Digital Resources: Working with Trainees, Donors and Peers

Born Digital Resources: Working with Trainees, Donors and Peers

This presentation focuses on a) resources I've used to educate and train students working with born-digital media in an archival setting, b) resources I’ve used to promote born-digital media preservation, and c) my experiences working with donors of born-digital media in identifying potential archive materials and in transferring those materials. Presented at SAA 2014.

Walker Sampson

August 16, 2014

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  1. Born Digital Resources: Working with Trainees, Donors and Peers

  2. Principles of Digital Archiving • Preservation
 ‣ Risks • Metadata

    • Storage • Arrangement
 & Access
  3. Forensics M. Kirschenbaum, R. Ovenden, & G. Redwine
 Digital Forensics

    & Born-Digital Content in Cultural Heritage Collections (2010)
  4. Forensics > >

  5. Forensics Brian Carrier File System Forensic Analysis (2005)

  6. Tools BagIt Duke Data Accessioner + +

  7. Software dd guymager libewf fiwalk bulk_extractor BagIt exiftool Clam AV

    FTK Imager * md5deep FITS JHOVE DROID FIDO BitCurator The Sleuth Kit
  8. Linux William E. Shotts, Jr.
 The Linux Command Line (2012)

  9. Donors • Often do not consider born-digital material
 • Technical

    fluency has wide variation
 ‣ Expectations also vary widely
 • Numerous methods of transfer
 ‣ Each method usually has its own “paper trail”
  10. Internal Advocacy • The numbers • Showcasing the work and

    the items
  11. OAIS

  12. Also: TRAC Audit OAIS

  13. Web Archiving Maureen Pennock
 Web-Archiving (2013)

  14. Web Archiving IIPC, Internet Archive, SAA Web Archiving Group Also:

  15. The News Andy Warhol’s Amiga disks! Prince of Persia source

  16. Thanks! walker.sampson@colorado.edu @wxsampson