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On punchlines and silly hacks (array-subindex), Railsconf 2014

On punchlines and silly hacks (array-subindex), Railsconf 2014

Slide deck for my lightning talk covering the array-subindex gem and the how silly hacks create better developers.


Matthew Nielsen

April 25, 2014


  1. On punchlines! and! silly hacks Matthew Nielsen @xunker — github.com/xunker

  2. The structure of a joke: The setup The punch

  3. The setup:

  4. What if?

  5. What if?

  6. That’s not fun.

  7. The punchline:


  9. What if revisited:

  10. What if revisited:

  11. What if revisited: ( array[0] * 0.5 ) + (

    array[1] * 0.5 )
  12. Don’t stop there!

  13. Fixnum is for the weak!

  14. Strings? Yeah, those work.

  15. We get it! Stop already!

  16. None
  17. Why show you this?

  18. Why show you this? My own ego, obviously.

  19. Why show you this? Humor is a great way to

    teach a complicated concept.
  20. Class re-opening can be scary to new developers. Humor makes

    it easier to learn.
  21. Why show you this? To show that making “silly hacks”

    will! make you a better developer. ! Experimentation leads to better code. ! Silly hacks are experiments with a punchline.
  22. Try silly hacks. Write punchlines. ! ! But don’t use

    this gem in production: ! github.com/xunker/array-subindex! ! Srsly.