On punchlines and silly hacks (array-subindex), Railsconf 2014

On punchlines and silly hacks (array-subindex), Railsconf 2014

Slide deck for my lightning talk covering the array-subindex gem and the how silly hacks create better developers.


Matthew Nielsen

April 25, 2014


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    Why show you this? Humor is a great way to

    teach a complicated concept.
  3. 21.

    Why show you this? To show that making “silly hacks”

    will! make you a better developer. ! Experimentation leads to better code. ! Silly hacks are experiments with a punchline.
  4. 22.

    Try silly hacks. Write punchlines. ! ! But don’t use

    this gem in production: ! github.com/xunker/array-subindex! ! Srsly.