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ros2_control for ROBOTIS Dynamixel: dynamixel_control

ros2_control for ROBOTIS Dynamixel: dynamixel_control

I've made a lightning talk at ROSCon 2022. https://roscon.ros.org/2022/

See also: https://github.com/youtalk/dynamixel_control

Yutaka Kondo

October 21, 2022

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  1. PjM and Engineer at Preferred Robotics, Inc. Yutaka Kondo https://www.pfrobotics.jp

    https://www.linkedin.com/in/youtalk/ ros2_control for ROBOTIS Dynamixel: dynamixel_control ROSCon 2022
  2. • Add release team: dynamixel_community ◦ ros2-gbp/ros2-gbp-github-org#139 • Add dynamixel_control

    to Rolling/Humble/Foxy index ◦ ros/rosdistro#34986: rolling ◦ ros/rosdistro#34987: humble ◦ ros/rosdistro#34988: foxy • Add dynamixel_workbench to the robotis team ◦ ros2-gbp/ros2-gbp-github-org#136 Package release is with in reach
  3. Household robot for something 👩 My wife 👦 First son

    👶 Second son It is necessary to have it. Yeah! Dad is a great robot engineer.