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Stalkr: Project Presentation

Stalkr: Project Presentation

Stalkr is a simple–yet powerful–tool which gathers data from both continuous integration and application infrastructure monitoring tools in order to make it easier to monitor the whole developing process, in a way the entire team can see at a glance, from the very first commit to the final release.

Matheus Albuquerque

March 10, 2017

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  2. Users pick the desired packages in order to integrate with

    the services which are already in use at their project/company.
  3. Users deploy the chosen packages at the cloud platform of

    their choice within a minimum setup process.
  4. Users get access to our SaaS which helps them organizing

    their projects across organizations, teams, roles etc.
  5. Users then sign with a short code in their TV

    Stalkr client. Once the code has been entered, our app is able to retrieve and display data. 
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  10. Stackify NewRelic Apex LogicMonitor Github Gitlab SourceForge CodeCo"#it CircleCI CodeShip

    Gitlab TravisCI Heroku DigitalOcean AWS RedShift Github TravisCI Apex
  11. let theFuture: [Feature] = [ "Better user dashboard", "More packages",

    "Packages Catalog" “More platforms", "Accessibility improvements" ]