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volvox: create online organizations

August 30, 2018

volvox: create online organizations

volvox: create online organizations


August 30, 2018

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  1. None
  2. Vision of volvox Creating a world where organizations are formed

    on the Internet and innovation accelerates
  3. Current state offline online individual organization Sole proprietorship Company Blogger,

    Youtuber, CrowdWorker etc. none
  4. Why is there no online organization? 1. In the online

    organization there is no standard for contracting to issue shares (securities) 2. Even if you sign a contract, the cost of contracting with people you do not know well is high
  5. Problem presentation There are various valuable open source on the

    internet, and they should be defined in value
  6. solution • Service volvox, which issues tokens online and distributes

    them according to contribution degree
  7. User blockchain Project creation (Issuing token) GitHub Users Convert the

    data to scores and record commit token Distribute tokens according to contribution degree project score Conceptual diagram of volvox
  8. α version

  9. Issuing project tokens Decide the issue rate every certain period:

    Example 33% Distribute tokens according to score acquisition ratio at fixed intervals Total token issuance (TS) User A User B User C TS  issue rate  score acquisition ratio TS  33%  40% TS  33%  20% TS  33%  30%
  10. Project token Use case 1. Open source usage fee 2.

    Conditional branching by token transfer or token holding amount 3. Use project token as a token of DApp 4. Investment target Project token
  11. blochchain blockchain Two-way peg VVX sVVX trade Project tokens Concept

    of token
  12. Team

  13. volvox α version v4x.co or

  14. None