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Privacy Through Choice

April 23, 2014

Privacy Through Choice

Rookie talk at BSidesLondon 2014


April 23, 2014

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  1. <  A>  I'm  kinda  confused.  I'm  not  very  good  at

      this...  :)   <  B>  are  people  going  to  be  paying  for  this  service   or  are  you  just  playing  with  a  personal  project?   <  A>  It's  real  application  with  paying  yes   <  B>  can  I  suggest  that  you  have  someone  else  work  on   the  security?   <  B>  no  offense   <  A>  None  taken!  That  would  be  awesome  but  we're  a   startup  with  limited  resources.  
  2. • Review  security  and  privacy  of  web  services   • Independent  

    • Community-­‐driven   • Open  source   PRIVACY THROUGH CHOICE @ptc_org  
  3. •  Using  publicly  available  informa>on  (not  a  pen  test)  

    •  Simple  reports  for  end  users   •  Detailed  reports  for  technologists  and  decision  makers   •  Encourages  best  prac>ces   •  Encourages  transparency  from  service  providers   PRIVACY THROUGH CHOICE @ptc_org  
  4. ROADMAP •  GeGng  started  –  Available  to  everyone  but  

    with  fixed  moderators   •  Community-­‐driven  –  Fixed  modera>on   replaced  by  system  of  reputa>on  and  merit   •  Social  –  Op>onal  enhanced  usability  such  as   following  sites,  users  etc.   •  ???  –  Driven  by  feedback   @ptc_org  
  5. YOU CAN HELP •  Rails  coders  (or  a  rewrite)  

    •  Front  end  developers  &  graphics   •  Code  review   •  Pen  tests   •  Automa>on  &  IaC   •  Documenta>on   •  Sites  and  moderators   Community @ptc_org  
  6. WANT TO HELP? •  hRp://privacythroughchoice.org/bsides   •  hRp://bit.ly/ptc_org   • 

    @ptc_org   •  @zeroXten  (me)   •  Find  me   @ptc_org