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Make API collaboration. - Action about DevRel of freelance engineer

Make API collaboration. - Action about DevRel of freelance engineer

DevRel Meetup in English vol.2

I talked my presentation "Make API collaboration. - Action about DevRel of freelance engineer".

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・Silhouette design http://kage-design.com/
・human pictogram 2.0 http://pictogram2.com
・ICOOON MONO http://icooon-mono.com/


August 27, 2018

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  1. DevRel Meetup in English vol.2 Make API collaboration. - Action

    about DevRel of freelance engineer ワンフットシーバス 田中正吾
  2. I share my slide after lightning talk. Please listen to

    what I'm talking about.
  3. Self-introduction

  4. Seigo Tanaka the name(屋号):OneFootSeabass 2018-2019 Microsoft MVP ( Windows Development

    ) 2018-2019 IBM Champion I'm a freelance engineer form 2004. I developed Adobe FLASH contents first. I'm concerned with information and interface to a base in WEB frontend recently. For Example. IoT, Mixed Reality, Smart Speaker... I love wombat!! (+ wombat and tech mashup)
  5. Roughly speaking,

  6. I develop Rapid prototyping in the software development. I connect

    to nice technology from other technology.
  7. For Example,

  8. IoT+WEB I support IoT Visualization Development based on the frontend

    development knowledge.
  9. Image Recognition+IoT My previous presentation theme is "Wombat Animal Image

    Recognition used Azure Custom Vision!".
  10. Image Recognition+IoT Judge images of animals with this structure. use

    Node-RED. The IoT device displays the wombat level(WLv).
  11. Smart Speaker+Cloud I developed LINE Clova Voice Recognition flow recipe

    with enebular.
  12. Smart Speaker+Cloud "Yes!! I'm Fine" Application

  13. Mixed Reality+IoT As well as visualization of 2D, I visualize

    information for real space (3D).
  14. My driving force

  15. My driving force is

  16. My driving force is "Curiosity to a Technology".

  17. In addition, how do I associate with DevRel?

  18. I regard each technology as the unit of function. I

    make the situation that is easy to perform collaboration. unit of function = API / Service / Device ...
  19. About Make API collaboration.

  20. The behavior called the freelance engineer is reflected. me=freelance engineer

  21. 1.Tried output I can output knowledge after trying technology. me=freelance

  22. Small Prototyping I try to make technology as small as

    possible. Because, easy to connect technology. It makes it easier to tried for oneself and others.
  23. Small Prototyping Huge Technology is huge knowledge... difficult... For Example,

    IoT connected to HoloLens with HTTP Request Knowledge. simple is easy. A B A B HTTP
  24. That's why I can do it. A freelance engineer like

    me. me=freelance engineer
  25. 2. Neutral feedback I love the technology and use it!

    So I will tell it honestly.
  26. 3.It is cross-bordor for technology. A B C D

  27. It occurs in various ways on the technical border. In

    case of linking multiple technologies, A standard document has many crying troubled engineers. A B C D
  28. Rareness is high and it is worthy as knowledge! Benefits

    that efforts are easy because knowledge is less likely to overlap :) A B C D
  29. A bit difficult

  30. A worthwhile task

  31. Effect to come out of these actions.

  32. 1.Other engineers refer to my knowledge. It produces new collaboration.

    me A B A B
  33. 2.My knowledge is a mediator between companies. The concept of

    IoT and Maker spread."Effect Of Collaborations" It became easy to transmit!
  34. 3.Questions from overseas engineers on knowledge My article has few

    explanations of sentences, it has many videos, images, and source code, so easy to ask questions?
  35. "Make API collaboration" It leads to a lot of scenes!

  36. Action about DevRel of me.

  37. Happy Technology collaboration!!!