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Social Codingの世界

Social Codingの世界

デブサミ2012の講演スライド, 2012/2/17 http://seshop.com/se/timetable/21

Akira Matsuda

February 17, 2012

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  1. GitHub - About Code is about the people writing it.

    We focus on lowering the barriers of collaboration by building powerful features into our products that make it easier to contribute. The tools we create help individuals and companies, public and private, to write better code, faster. Ship it! https://github.com/about
  2. @defunkt said, ★ “Originally we just wanted to make a

    git hosting site” ★ “In fact, that was the rst tagline” http://www.slideshare.net/rubymeetup/ inside-github-with-chris-wanstrath
  3. @defunkt said, ★ “eventually “git repository hosting” gave way to

    “social coding”” ★ “more than a place to host git repositories, but a place to share code with others” http://www.slideshare.net/rubymeetup/inside-github- with-chris-wanstrath
  4. ࢓ࣄͰͰ͖ΔSocial Coding (্ڃฤ) ★ Open Source (Almost) Everything ★ “core

    business value”Ҏ֎͸Φʔϓϯιʔε ʹͯ͠͠·͏ http://tom.preston-werner.com/ 2011/11/22/open-source-everything.html
  5. chatͷΑ͏ͳϦΞϧλΠϜੑͳ Social Coding ★ ΤσΟλ౷߹ͱ͔ ★ OS౷߹ͱ͔ ★ νϟοτΫϥΠΞϯτ౷߹ͱ͔ ★

    ϖΞϓϩΈ͍ͨͳUXͷιʔγϟϧίʔσΟ ϯάϓϥοτϑΥʔϜ͕ࠓޙग़ͯ͘ΔͷͰ ͸ͳ͍͔
  6. CI

  7. Travis CI What Github did for sharing code, Travis CI

    will do for testing code. The value of this service cannot be overstated. Travis CI is a paradigm shift. The world will be a better place when every open-source developer is running their test suite on Travis CI - @brixen https://love.travis-ci.org/