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Guerrilla Marketing - How to Sell Splunk Internally to Your Enterprise

Aaron Blythe
September 23, 2015

Guerrilla Marketing - How to Sell Splunk Internally to Your Enterprise

SplunkConf 2015 - Guerrilla Marketing - How to Sell Splunk Internally to Your Enterprise - Las Vegas, NV, 9/23/2015

Aaron Blythe

September 23, 2015

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  1. Copyright  ©  2015  Splunk  Inc.   Aaron  Blythe   Knowledge

     Architect,  Cerner   Corpora@on   Guerrilla  Marke+ng   How  to  sell  Splunk  internally  to  your   Enterprise  
  2. Disclaimer   2   During  the  course  of  this  presenta@on,

     we  may  make  forward  looking  statements  regarding  future   events  or  the  expected  performance  of  the  company.  We  cau@on  you  that  such  statements  reflect  our   current  expecta@ons  and  es@mates  based  on  factors  currently  known  to  us  and  that  actual  events  or   results  could  differ  materially.  For  important  factors  that  may  cause  actual  results  to  differ  from  those   contained  in  our  forward-­‐looking  statements,  please  review  our  filings  with  the  SEC.  The  forward-­‐ looking  statements  made  in  the  this  presenta@on  are  being  made  as  of  the  @me  and  date  of  its  live   presenta@on.  If  reviewed  aPer  its  live  presenta@on,  this  presenta@on  may  not  contain  current  or   accurate  informa@on.  We  do  not  assume  any  obliga@on  to  update  any  forward  looking  statements  we   may  make.       In  addi@on,  any  informa@on  about  our  roadmap  outlines  our  general  product  direc@on  and  is  subject  to   change  at  any  @me  without  no@ce.  It  is  for  informa@onal  purposes  only  and  shall  not,  be  incorporated   into  any  contract  or  other  commitment.  Splunk  undertakes  no  obliga@on  either  to  develop  the  features   or  func@onality  described  or  to  include  any  such  feature  or  func@onality  in  a  future  release.  
  3. Aaron  Blythe     !   Wri@ng  Code   !

      Answering  ques@ons     !   Running  Meetups   hUp://aaronblythe.org/     @ablythe  
  4. Health  care  is  too  important   to  stay  the  same.TM

  5. The  solu@on  that  started  it  all  

  6. Cerner  today  

  7. Popula@on  health  management   Fitness Center Retail Pharmacy Hospital Member

    School Long-Term Care Home Clinic Employer Connect     Empower     Facilitate   Move  from  reac@ve  care   to  proac@ve  health  
  8. Member  engagement  across  the  spectrum  

  9. Cerner’s  success   #4   Top  100  Healthiest   Workplaces

     in  America   5-­‐year  results   •  Lowered  premium  increases   •  1.6%  vs.  7-­‐10%  na@onal   average   •  Decreased  risk  factors   •  Improved  biometric  screening   results  
  10. Agenda   !    Know  who  you  are    

    !    Make  things  surprisingly  easy     !    Gather  endorsements     !    Be  helpful  in  many  mediums     !    Promote  your  community     !    Create  champions     !    When  all  else  fails,  hold  a  contest       10  
  11. 11   “I’m  referring  to  the  soul  and  essence  of

     guerrilla   marke@ng  which  remain  as  always  —   achieving  conven@onal  goals,   such  as  profits  and  joy,  with   unconven@onal  methods,   such  as  inves@ng  energy   instead  of  money.”  
  12. Know  Who  You  Are  

  13. 2015  we  believe   13   •  Enable  self  services

      •  Transparency  leads  to  beUer  service   •  Everything  in  source  control   -­‐  Cerner  OpsInfra  Team  
  14. 2014  we  believe…   14   •  A  minimal  number

     of  associates  need  to  directly   touch  nodes  (approaching  zero)   •  These  tools  maUer  –  improve  the  lives  of  our  users   •  Tools  should  be  hardened  -­‐  so  that  we  can  find  the   root  cause  and  drive  correc@ve  ac@on    
  15. 15  

  16. Surveys   16   !   Use  Google  Docs  FTW!!!

  17. Be  transparent   17  

  18. Make  Things   Surprisingly  Easy    

  19. Chef  cookbook   19  

  20. What  we  need   20   !   1  hour

     mee@ng   !   Person  in  the  room  with:   –  troubleshoo@ng  knowledge  of  applica@on  (which  logs  are  valuable)   –  root  access  to  the  node  (so  we  can  bootstrap  Chef)   –  knowledge  of  Splunk  and  Chef  (someone  from  my  team)  
  21. Steps   21   !   Bootstrap  nodes  to  Chef

     with  Cerner_Splunk  role  on  run  list   !   Run  chef-­‐client  on  nodes  
  22. Hide  everything  but  the  details   22   Chef  Role

      Chef  Environment  
  23. Jira  usage   23  

  24. Not  top  down   24   •  Is  this  the

     right  thing  to  do?   •  Will  it  take  very  much  index?  
  25. Gather   Endorsements  

  26. Crea@ng  allies   26   Splunk  has  played  a  vital

     role  in  stabilizing  our  Jira  environments.  In  what   would  have  taken  weeks  of  manual  correla@on  and  analysis  can  be   summarized  in  Splunk  in  maUer  of  minutes.   For  example  we  were  able  to  iden@fy  a  server  was  excessively  calling  our   server,  then  moving  straight  from  that  to  the  URI’s  that  the  server  was   accessing.  We  were  able  to  contact  the  team  that  was  abusing  our  service  and   they  were  able  to  scale  back  their  web  calls  correc@ng  our  slowness  issue.   Without  Splunk  I  feel  that  this  process  would  have  taken  weeks  to  discover,   if  at  all.  This  is  saving  my  team  @me  in  inves@ga@on,  not  to  men@on  the  @me   of  all  other  associates  by  resolving  this  slowness  issue  quicker.   Joe  Hostler   System  Engineer,  CWx  Emerging  Technology  Services  
  27. Document  the  nice  things   27  

  28. Be  Helpful  in  Many   Mediums  

  29. Go  to  where  the  users  are  asking  ques@ons   29

      Internal  logs  in  Splunk   Internal  logs  not  in  Splunk   External  
  30. Provide  a  place  to  discuss   30  

  31. Provide  educa@on   31  

  32. Promote  your   community  

  33. Encourage   33  

  34. Seize  the  Opportunity   34   •  Meetups   • 

  35. Internal  Conferences   35   ! DevCon  2012  –  1

     talk   ! DevCon  2013  –  0  talks  on  Splunk   !   Started  Opsinfra  team   ! DevCon  2014  -­‐  1  talk  from  Opsinfra  team   ! DataCon  2014  –  1  talk  from  Opsinfra  team   ! DevCon  2015  –  3  talks  (1  from  Opsinfra  team)   ! DataCon  2015  -­‐  3  talks  (1  from  Opsinfra  team)  
  36. Create  Champions  

  37. Garry  Polley   37   •  Canadarm  –  Open  Source

     Project   •  Configurable  JavaScript  collec@on   •  Send  informa@on  back  to  Splunk   hUp://engineering.cerner.com/blog/javascript-­‐ logging-­‐we-­‐can-­‐do-­‐beUer/    
  38. Rima  Poddar   38   •  Defined  and  explained  evenUype

     usage   •  Prototyped  first  working  aler@ng  sub-­‐ system   hUp://engineering.cerner.com/blog/ managing-­‐30000-­‐logging-­‐events-­‐per-­‐day-­‐with-­‐ splunk/    
  39. Mike  Hemesath   39   hUp://engineering.cerner.com/blog/ managing-­‐30000-­‐logging-­‐events-­‐per-­‐day-­‐with-­‐ splunk/    

    •  Defined  and  explained  evenUype  usage   •  First  major  use  of  pivot  tables     •  Many  internal  presenta@ons  to  other   teams  and  leadership   •  Push  for  standardiza@on  
  40. Hold  a  Contest  

  41. 41  

  42. 42  

  43. 43  

  44. Extend  the  Deadline   44   !   We  did

     this  3  @mes,  got  more  submissions  each  @me.  
  45. Review  

  46. Summary   !    Know  who  you  are    

    !    Make  things  surprisingly  easy     !    Gather  endorsements     !    Be  helpful  in  many  mediums     !    Promote  your  community     !    Create  champions     !    When  all  else  fails,  hold  a  contest       46  
  47. THANK  YOU