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Do More with Less Leveraging The Power of Serverless

March 04, 2019

Do More with Less Leveraging The Power of Serverless

SIX 2019 dev-e-3
Ji Wu @ABEJA, Inc.

Do More with Less Leveraging The Power of Serverless

Surrounded by all things AI within ABEJA, we, the web development team would like to give you a tour of how web development is done within the company, in particular, how we're able to do more with less leveraging the power of Serverless.


March 04, 2019

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  1. DAY 1 “技” Developer Day Do More with Less Leveraging

    The Power of Serverless Ji Wu ABEJA.Inc
  2. • Self-introduction • What is serverless? • Why we went

    serverless? • Serverless at Abeja • Serverless lesson learned • What does serverless mean to Abeja? Contents
  3. Self-Introduction Ji Wu https://github.com/slashbit • Web Developer @ABEJA, Inc •

    Interest in building web applications on serverless stacks
  4. What is serverless? • Functions-as-a-Service • Developers ship code •

    Platforms provide runtime environments in containers
  5. Common use cases • Web application • Mobile & IoT

    back-end • Data processing • Chatbots
  6. Why we went serverless? • Load balancing • Auto scaling

    • OS management • Managing utilization Image source: iloveimg.com • Scales with usage • No servers to provision • Never pay for idle • Availability and fault tolerance
  7. Serverless lesson learned • Each function should do only one

    thing • Functions don't call other functions • Use as few libraries in your functions as possible • Always architect your serverless application around event patterns
  8. Serverless lesson learned • Be mindful of using reserved concurrency

    • Keep containers warm • Use frameworks to streamline your development process • Use CI/CD tools
  9. What does serverless mean to Abeja? • Less code •

    Less servers • Less expensive • Less time to ship
  10. After the lecture is over, we are waiting at the

    Ask the Speaker section of the exhibition area. If you have any questions, please come to this corner after the session ends. See you Ask the Speaker !! ABEJA 17 6 5 4 3 1 2 9 10 11 12 7 8 16 15 ABEJA Ask the Speaker 14 3F Hall ABEJAծ ABEJA Deep Learning ABEJA
  11. The contents introduced today and the products and services that

    support the backside of these, We have prepared a booth at the 3F exhibition hall and tell it. Please drop by during the session. GO EXPO 2F 3F Room A Room B Room C Room D Hall ٖؒك٦ة٦ WC ㉀锑 ٕ٦ي ㉀锑 ٕ٦ي ㉀锑 ٕ٦ي ㉀锑 ٕ٦ي Room E ٖؒك٦ة٦ WC ♧菙勻㜥罏「➰ ٝ؟٦ أؙ 闌怴罏 「➰ 1F 2F 3F Floor Maps Room A Room B Room C Room D Hall ٖؒك٦ة٦ WC ㉀锑 ٕ٦ي ㉀锑 ٕ٦ي ㉀锑 ٕ٦ي ㉀锑 ٕ٦ي Room E ٖؒك٦ة٦ WC Room W ♧菙勻㜥罏「➰ أهٝ؟٦ رأؙ 闌怴罏 「➰ WC ٖؒك٦ة٦ Here
  12. GO Day2 !! - for Retail Tomorrow will be announced

    in many sessions how the technology introduced today is actually used by clients. Please come tomorrow by all means
  13. Please give us feedback on this session if you like

    ID of this session dev/dev-e-3 Do More with Less Leveraging The Power of Serverless Feedback will be used to develop products and deliver more information https://goo.gl/forms/erEBAsrQK4XKEv352